The Simple Things in Life

Last night my boyfriend and I decided to hang out after his last final. We decided to stay local because we were too lazy to go far and didn’t want to spend much money. So we decide to be mall rats and head over to our local mall to see if there are any good deals. After the mall we decide to have dinner at a popular Thai restaurant, but the traffic getting there was terrible as it always is, especially with terrible drivers on the road. We get to the restaurant really hungry, but of course our eyes had a bigger appetite than our stomachs, especially with the bottomless Thai iced teas. Being as full as we and being that it was still pretty early we decide to go to Wesley’s house to hang out and watch a movie. For two hours we just chilled on his bed while watching Vegas Vacation and let our food settle in our stomachs. After realizing that the night was still young, we head over to a popular Donut place to get a late sweet snack. When we got there we saw that there was a line, but decided to wait since it was totally going to be worth it. 

Our treats, even though one of them looks like a turd… NOM.

Last night was completely simple yet, spontaneous. And even though it seems like we didn’t really do much, the night was filled with good conversations with sweet kisses in between, and that my friend, is a good night to me 🙂


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