Camping 2012

Last weekend I went camping at McGrath State Beach with a bunch of high school friends and it was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a while. As a group we haven’t had many big outings like this, just Vegas, which was amazing, but I’m hoping after this trip we can start making it more of a tradition.

The trip started off a bit hectic, trying to get everyone together and trying to leave at a decent time from home. I have a bad tendency to stress about the little things, which I am working on. But soon enough we were off to Oxnard as a group. I was completely grateful that we were able to get two campsites that were right next to each other and that one site was big enough for all ten of us to fit in.

The first day consisted of setting up our tents, including a tent mansion, and just getting all of crap out of the car. After we accomplished setting up our gear, we celebrated by shot gunning beers (which was my first time) and shots all around.  Also, we explored the beach and found a dead seal, which all of my guy friends were fascinated with. The beach was so beautiful, we pretty much had it to our selves that day, besides the dead seal and as a bonus we were all pretty buzzed. Unfortunately with the beach, the water had so many rocks within the shore which made it painful to walk in. That nigh we prepared our first meal as a group which consisted of delicious kabobs, cheeseburger mac (which everyone loved except for my boyfriend), and sausages. It was so gooooooood. That night we pretty much all slept pretty early because we were just all so pooped from drinking haha.

The second day consisted of waking up early at 6:45AM to seagulls who were fighting for food. The day was pretty much a lazy day of playing drinking games like spoons with beer!, kings cup (which was my first time, lame I know), and beer pong. Also, ironically there was a water main burst on the main street near the campsite, so we had no running water and working toilets for the rest of the day, which was a bust. They brought in porta potties about 3 hours later, which sucked cause we all had to pee from the alcohol. So some of us peed in bushes. Yay, real camping -_-. Anyways, we also went back to beach again for the afternoon and the dead seal was still there with a a new friend, a dead pelican. We all got sunburned from the beach. After we got back to the beach it was just a chill night, we all knocked out pretty early again. And it’s ironic, because we came into this trip with the idea that we were going to be a very noisy group, but in actuality, we were the quietest.

The last day was just all about checking out of the campsite before 12PM, which we did! 🙂

This last weekend was just amazing. I’m very grateful for the time that I spent with my oldest friends. Even though planning this event was a bit stressful and the fact that we don’t see each other as much anymore, this last weekend solidified our friendships for a very long time. And also, even though I don’t have that many views on this page, I just want to say thank you to those friends that went I camping with and that made this event possible.

the path to the beach.

an endless shoreline

boys will be boys?

delicious kabobs!


everyone’s so chill… I wonder why? haha.

Group Pictures!

To the next major outing! 🙂


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