Labor Day Weekend in NorCal with the Familia.

This Labor Day weekend I went up to Northern California with my family to visit my sister in San Francisco and to go on a weekend getaway to Bodega Bay. I love the city of San Francisco and I also missed my sister a lot since I hadn’t seen her in a few months, so it’s always nice to go up and see her. The only down side is the drive there. Boo, oh well, whatcha gonna do?

My family arrived up in San Francisco on Friday Night and left for Bodega Bay Saturday morning. The drive was pretty easy, not much traffic. When we got to Bodega Bay we found it to be a quaint fishing village filled with character. During our first day we explored the little city of Bodega Bay. We drove around to the little beaches and viewpoints that the city had to offer. For lunch we found a great crab shack type of place. They apparently had the best crab sandwiches in town and by my surprise they were pretty delicious, I WANT MORE. Anyways, the shack is located near the bay and while eating lunch we were visited by sea lions! This time they were alive, unlike last time. After lunch we went up to a vista point that over looked the ocean and rocky cliffs. Even though the weather was quite cold and cloudy, it was still better than the heat wave we are having in LA. By the end of the night we decided to have dinner at a local restaurant. The experience there was pretty…. interesting to say the least. The servers were all a little off that night and the restaurant was a bit odd as well, I don’t know what it really was, but it was all a bit weird there. After dinner we went to the local convenience store to get dessert and I finally had an It’s-It, which is an ice cream sandwich between to oatmeal cookies, it was so gewwd.

On Sunday we headed over to the Healdsburg in Sonoma to rent bikes to ride around the wine country. The route that the bike rental place was a lot different than what we had anticipated, especially my mom and I. My dad and my sister are really into cycling and own road bikes. The route consisted of rolling hills and cars, the two things my mom and I are not use to. In total I road about a little less than 2o miles and went to 2 wineries. My mom how ever was only able to do less than half than that and went to 1 winery. I think the cars really scared her. I believe that she could have done the ride if it weren’t for the cars, but unfortunately her nerves got the best of her and she couldn’t continue. As for me, after the ride, I was really proud of myself. I didn’t stop as much as I thought I would and I really pushed my self to get over the hills and to not quit. The cars didn’t really scare me, even though I was really careful. The rolling hills for me was the hardest part, I just had to keep telling myself that I could do it and there was going to be a finish line because it felt so endless. That was the first time that I had ridden my bike along a street with no real bike lane. Also, I sort of had to psych myself out for the ride because earlier this year I got into a pretty bad biking accident while doing a river trail ride in Griffith Park where I flew over my handle bars because the turd in front of me stop short. Anyways after that I was a bit scared of riding my bike for a while, but now I’m over it.

Monday was our last day in Northern California. We left Bodega Bay in the morning and took the scenic route on the 1 Freeway towards San Francisco. The sights were beautiful.The road was winding and filled with twist and turns and we were on the edge of cliffs over looking the ocean for most of the part of the ride. We also watched the fog roll into the scenery from the bay. We drove through thick greenery and the road was shadowed by tall trees. It was amazing.

This weekend was a lot of fun and it was nice to have some quality family time, since it’s been a while.

cute place where we had breakfast in San 🙂colorful chairs at Bodega Harbor Inn


where we had lunch.

so gewwd.beautiful views.sister love bike!

along the route.


my friend at the bike shop! 🙂

beautiful sunsets.


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