Sephora Wish List

Today I thought I would share my Sephora Wish List, or Bucket List, items that I hope one day I would like to own. Below are the items that have been on my wish list for a while or items that I’ve recently heard about through friends and youtubers. Hopefully, soon, I will be picking up these items over time. 

Perricone MD – Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream : Since I am getting older and lines and bags are getting more define on my face, I want to start investing in Eye Creams and other firming moisturizers and lotions. I’ve been using this brand of moisturizer for a while now and i really love it and I thought that eye cream would be a great investment to my skin.

Murad – Time Release Acne Cleanser : I’ve heard a lot about this brand by multiple Youtubers and I’m hoping to get my hands on this soon. I do suffer from adult acne every once in a while and I think that this product would help combat acne break outs and spots and blemishes. It seems like it’s light, yet very powerful.

Kat Von – D Lock It Tattoo Foundation :  I’ve been using Kat Von D’s pressed powder foundation for the last two years and it give amazing coverage even on it’s own. I really like full coverage foundations and since this foundation is called “Tattoo” foundation, I’m sure that I will get awesome coverage from this liquid foundation as well.

Hourglass – Veil Mineral Primer : Right now, I am currently using Benefit’s POREfessional Primer and I am currently loving it, but I’m hoping switch things up and try out the Hourglass Primer. I have really oily skin and since the name has “Mineral” in it, it sounds very light and natural. I’ve heard of this product through Youtubers and beauty bloggers all the time and I’m excited to hopefully try this out soon.

Buxom – True Nude Lip Foundation : This product claims to have long lasting power and claims to be smooth, which really caught my attention. My lips can get chapped really easily and I’m hoping that these claims will be true. Also, this item claims to match your lip color and give a “better than your lip color” natural color. I’m hooked!

Benefit Cosmetics – Boi-ing Concealer : Since I am a new lover of Benefit Cosmetics, I really want to try out their tried and true concealers. Ever since I started to dabble in make up, I’ve always heard about this product from friends and Youtubers a like. I’ve this product last and blends easily into to the skin while still concealing imperfections and blemishes. I want it!

Tarte – Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara : I don’t know what makes this smart, but this mascara looks like it has an amazing wand that while definitely lift and separate the lashes. This product claims to lengthen, condition, and repair your lashes, while hydrating and making your lashes healthier, which is always a plus. I’ve used another Tarte mascara and it is not disappointing.

Clinique – Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour : I’ve never really tried many products from Clinique, except for one old liptstick that my sister had laying around and it’s pretty good for being as old as it is. I’ve never used a stick formula contour before, so I thought that Clinique would be a great start. And because it is a stick form, it seems like it would be more precise in terms of where you want your contour to show and to start, I’d just have to practice blending out the harsh lines.

Nars – The Multiple : I only own one thing from Nars and that is there infamous blush in Orgasm. Because their products are on the higher end and I want to start to dabble more into their brand, why not use a product that has multiple uses? This product can be used for eyes, lips, body, and will give your skin an amazing glow… as it claims, which caught my attention. I’m really eager to give this try.

Smashbox – Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder : I have one product from Smashbox which is their BB cream, which I really love because it gives great coverage while still being light on the skin. When I saw this product and read the description, I had a feeling that I would really enjoy this product. This product claims to keep your skin hydrated while keeping your skin radiant. Also, this product claims to minimize signs of aging… we’ll see about that… Also, what caught my attention was that it has different packaging than most pressed powders in that you shave off only what you need and avoid mess! I need this!