2016 Fall Trends: Trends I am Loving!

I thought I’d stick to my roots and do a “Fall Trends” post. It may be hard for you to believe, but I started this blog as a fashion and style blog. I still love doing these post, but travel has obviously been a huge passion of mine lately. But, nonetheless, I still love fashion and style, so let’s get to the list!

Floral – Although many may say that floral is not appropriate for the fall, I say fuck ’em! Screw the rules, I think that you can wear whatever you’re loving at the moment. I love floral for all times of the year and I think you could really incorporate floral into your fall outfits. Florals in a muted town or paired with darker colors are great for fall and can be great for the festive holidays in the fall or winter!

 photo floral_zpsnfb8krf2.jpeg

Denim – Denim is forever a trend for all seasons and of all time. I’ve been really loving all denim outfits or aka “The Canadian Tuxedo” because of the casual and cool vibes that it gives off. Denim dresses and overalls are great for on the go people who are in a bind when they don’t know what to wear because you can just put it on with a plain tee and you’re ready to go. I love denim and I love how timeless it can be.

 photo img-set_zps8yzr3l9m.jpeg

Lace Up – Lately, I have been loving lace up details with everything! I think the lace up detail is great especially for evening wear because it can give off a sexy vibe without showing too much skin, but just enough. I’m really having a moment with body suits with the lace up front detail. Also, I think this detail pairs perfectly with the fall weather because the tops with this detail are usually sweater materials or a thicker material top. I love this detail!

 photo img-set 1_zpsje5kuilo.jpeg

Hope you liked this post! Enjoy the Fall weather and wear what you love! See ya!


Lookbook: Holiday Outfits 2015

Since the Holiday Season is here, I thought I’d share with you 3 outfit ideas for 3 different occasions. I hope you get some inspiration!

Hiking Day Out – If you want to go on a post holiday feast hike, I think this outfit is perfect to stay trendy and to be practical. When my boyfriend and I went out to Arizona, I found my self reaching for this outfit a lot. I think this outfit is perfect for a day out for a chilly hike. It will keep you warm enough but not over heat you on the hike. The most important thing about this outfit is to layer and make sure you don’t get too hot. Mind you, I do live in Southern California and the SoCal Winter gets down to about 55-60 degrees… Fahrenheit. Also, invest in quality hiking boots, they will save your feet. I personally have a pair of Lowas and they are wonderful. Also, I think having a spacious backpack is important to hold all of your hiking essentials: water, snacks, wallet, phone, and your camera. And of course, this outfit is almost all black, which is my favorite.

Hiking Outfit

Casual Family Party – This outfit to me screams comfy, which is important with family parties. You want to be able to be comfortable and able to eat a lot of food with this outfit. The red sweater gives this outfit the holiday vibes, but the boots give it the edge that I love. This outfit is very casual, but appropriate for the family parties. In this outfit you can easily snuggle up and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate with some yummy cookies!

casual outfit

Dressy Holiday Party – Recently I went to my boyfriends holiday party and I wore an outfit similar to the one below. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures, but the dress was black instead of red. In keeping in with the Holiday vibes, red dresses can always be a safe bet with Holiday parties. I have been loving long sleeve wrap dresses because I think they can be so flattering on any body type. It can give curves who want them and can complement those who have curves. I paired this look with gold and black accessories. And to top this outfit off, I thought this look would go great with a long line tan coat. I really love this outfit.

Holiday Party 2015

Hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed the post!

Happy Holidays!

Lookbook: Fall 2015 Trends

Fall is finally here! Even though in Southern California, it’s still an easy 90 degrees on an average day, I thought I’d still share some of my favorite trends for the season.

Front Button Down Denim Skirt – The 70’s trend is really popular now-a-days and while I’m still experimenting and still trying out the trend, I thought that the denim skirt would be an easy transition into the trend. I’ve seen this skirt pop up so many times in stores and with different beauty bloggers. This skirt is really versatile and can go with any top and can go into any season.

Fall Trend - Button Up SkirtTurtle Necks – For the longest time I’ve hated turtle necks when I was younger, but now I’ve grown to absolutely love them! I follow a few british bloggers and they all have been wearing chunky knit turtle necks and they look so chic! I think that turtle necks can give you an effortless sleek and sophisticated look.
Fall Trends - Turtle NeckShearling Denim Jacket – The Shearling Denim Jacket has been around for a long time. The jacket can easily give you a casual/edgy look for a nice outfit out at night. The jacket can keep you warm on chilly night out. Denim jackets are always in, but adding the the shearling lining, it makes a casual outfit more stylish and edgy. You can either dress the jacket up with a nice little black dress or with a pair of jeans a nice blouse. The jacket is great for either a day out or nice evening out.
Fall Trends - Shearling Denim Coat


Lookbook: Summer 2015

We are in the midst of summer and it is getting HOT! I thought I’d share some outfits that could get you through the summer heat while still looking good.

Casual Day Out: This outfit would be perfect for a day out with the bestie or a casual day date out to the county fair. The denim shorts give the outfit an instant casual vibe while piecing the look together with a flirty lacy tank top. To cover your self up from the sun you can pair the look with a red plaid shirt and when it gets too hot from the heat you can tie the shirt around your waist to give you a more effortlessly casual vibe. Also, to stay protected from the sun, I’ve added a cool wide brim hat and a pair of bad ass sunglasses. To stay comfy, I’ve added a pair a Nikes that are sure to keep your feet nice and happy. Also, to keep the outfit fun, I’ve added a fun French Fry bag… because why not?!

Day Date Outfit: This outfit would be a perfect out on a day date with your significant other. You can wear this to a museum or even to a theme park. The light and pleaded skirt gives the outfit a really girly feel while the rest of the outfit gives it its casual vibes. I paired the look with ultra casual pieces including a white short sleeved crop top, Converse Chuck Taylor’s, a cute back pack to hold all of your stuff. I added minimal accessories to draw the attention to skirt and it’s details. The outfit is so easy to wear on a day out and you will feel so light in breezy in it.

Summer Wedding Outfit: As we all know, Wedding Season is in full swing! I think pulling in trends from the summer into your wedding outfit is it cute way to keep your wedding outfits interesting and fun. Since I am still really into Tropical Print, I centered the outfit around a dress with the print. I paired the outfit with bronze and rose gold accessories and added a hint of turquoise to the outfit as well to give it more life. Also, for comfort for my feet I added strappy black wedges for edge and height.

Hope you enjoyed some of these outfit ideas! Till next time, see you!

Celebrity Style Focus: Hilary Duff

I’ve started to follow Hilary Duff on instagram and I have been loving her style lately! I’ve always liked Hilary Duff and thought that she was a great role model for young girls. I know that she went through a really skinny phase, but I think that she has learned to love her body and she knows how to dress her body and her shape. There are 3 styles that I wanted to focus on that she totally rocks: Ultra Casual, Glam, and  Relaxed. With each of these styles, she always adds her own flare to each type of style.

Ultra Causal: I love the way that Hilary Duff mixes casual style with edgier pieces. I always see her mixes these two elements together. In the outfit show below, she is wearing comfortable gym clothes but adding a an edgy touch by tying the plaid shirt around her waist and adding a leather jacket. The way she does is so effortless.


Glam: Recently, Hilary has dyed her hair a blue/green color and I think it totally works for her. I love that she is integrating her edgy hair to her more glam looks. Hilary really knows how to dress her body, especially when it comes to dresses. She knows what shapes work with her body type and it makes her look great everytime. Since I am a lover of the color black, the outfit shown below is one of my favorite looks. But the fact that this dress cinches her at the waist and highlights her legs, it compliments her body so well.


Relaxed: This look has to be one of my favorite looks on her. Hilary Duff does the relaxed look so well. She knows how to use her accessories very well.  It’s never too much or over the top, it’s just right. The balance of the loose and oversized scarf and the structured boot and great together. Also, I love the glasses because it gives the look a great casual yet put together vibe.


Hilary Duff’s style is so amazing, whether its super casual or ultra glam, its always very stylish. Hope you enjoyed this post! See ya!

Celebrity Style Focus: Katy Perry

I thought I’d make a new segment in my blog that focuses on Celebrity fashion and which celeb’s styles are really on point for me! It will either be on recreating looks or focusing on their fashion sense. Enjoy!

Today, I will be focusing on Katy Perry’s unique and distinctive style. I’ve always loved and enjoyed Katy Perry’s fun and funky style. I also appreciate that her style is always evolving and changing. Yes, she goes through her phases, but what I love about it is that commits to those styles and goes all the way. Also, one thing I’ve I noticed about her sense of style is that she really does wear her emotions through her clothes, which I think is great because expressing how you feel through how your dress is a great stress reliever.

I will be focusing on three distinct styles that I’ve noticed that Katy Perry dresses in: floral, gothic, and fun!

Floral: Katy Perry loves to wear floral printed dresses when she is seen out in a casual occasion. She likes to keep her outfits relaxed and flowy and with long dresses or skirts. I really love this outfit because the dress has a vintage vibe to it with the way it is cut and the mix of floral patterns. The bag and the pop of red of the shoes bring give the outfit a modern twist to it and brings the whole outfit together.


Gothic:  For a while after her divorce to Russell Brand, Katy Perry went through a sort of “Gothic” phase of how she dressed. I understand that going trough any sort of break up is hard and I loved that Katy Perry literally wore her heart on her sleeve while going through this process and expressing her self through how she dressed. Despite what she was going through, she looked amazing and I think her best. I absolutely loved her outfits through her Gothic phase. I personally love all black outfits and would personally wear all black all day, every day if I could. In the outfit shown below, the whole combination of the purple hair and the red dark lip were just amazing. I liked that it wasn’t your “typical” gothic look with creepers and spikes and what not, but a more sophisticated gothic look that concentrated on highlighting and complimenting her body. Also, I loved that she played with different fabrics with the color black to keep her outfits interesting.


Fun: No matter how Katy Perry dresses, she commits to her outfits and goes all the way. Katy Perry has fun dressing up which I think is amazing because fashion shouldn’t be taken so seriously, yet it should be an avenue where you could express yourself, truly and fully. I like that during award shows, she goes way over the top with her outfits but still being unique to her self and her sense of style. I’ve notice that at award shows she loves to wear bright colors and fun prints. Her dresses are always so amazingly sweet and so much fun to gawk at. Also, Katy Perry knows what styles and shapes work with her body and she’s not afraid to show off her curves and play them up. Even though sometimes she does wear some, what some would say, questionable outfits she always plays up her features and assets and looks great doing so.


Katy Perry’s sense of style is filled with bring colors, emotions, and fun prints. Her sense of style is a great example that you shouldn’t care of what others think of what you’re wearing and all that matters is that you know you look damn good in your outfit. Her outfits are the epitome of fun and dressing to your emotions and what you’re feeling, which I think is the most important.

I hope you enjoyed this post! see ya!

Weekend in San Diego

Went to San Diego this past weekend for my boyfriend’s work’s party. Sorry, no outfits from the actual shindig, because it’s been featured on here before. (Yes, I am a repeat offender. Guilty!) Arrived in San Diego on Saturday and stayed in the wonderful Gaslamp district and partied the night away at Parq. This place is amazing! Apparently, it’s compared to Hakkasan in Vegas, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t go clubbing. 🙂 It was pretty cool! And then on Sunday we spent the day at the Safari Park in Escondido! Loved it there!

IMG_7626 IMG_7640 IMG_7643

IMG_7646 IMG_7660IMG_7634IMG_7663 IMG_7684 IMG_7711 IMG_7716 IMG_7736 IMG_7760



Left Outfit: 

Jacket: Thrifted Tropical Bomber Jacket from Forever 21

Shirt: Black Tank Top from H&M

Pants: Black Jeans from Target

Shoes: Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

Bag: Philippines from Mom 🙂

Sunglasses: Round Lens Raybans

Right Outfit:

Outer Wear: Utility Style Vest from Kohl’s

Jacket (Under): Grey Zip Up Hoodie from Kohl’s

Top: “Aloha from Hawaii” Tank from H&M

Pants: Black Jeans from Target

Shoes: Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

Bag: Philippines from Mom

Top 3 Rainy Day Essentials: 2014

Hello! Since it rained here in Southern California this past weekend, I thought I’d do a quick post on the top 3 essential fashion items for a rainy day. Of course I am excluding the top essential, an umbrella, that’s just a given. Also, in this post, I styled 3 outfits to go with the essentials. Mind you, it’s not as cold here in Southern California compared to the rest of the country, so if you do want to use these ideas for an outfit, layer up or layer down depending on the weather in your area. Let’s get started!

  • Boots: I think having a good pair of knee high boots are a must for a rainy day. They keep the rain out of your foot and ankle area, especially if you accidentally walk into a puddle, and they keep your leg area dry, for the most part. Especially if it’s really heavy rain and the wind is blowing really hard your leg area can get drenched and boots can help prevent that. And nobody like wet jeans. I love these boots that are pictured below. The laces of the boots give the outfit a more casual feel along with the cropped sweater and jeans. Since this outfit doesn’t give much coverage on the top, I thought I’d add the umbrella as well.


  • Coat: Having a good coat can be a great item for a day in the rain, especially if it’s water resistant. This coat can come in handy especially if you are going to a nice event and don’t want to get your dress soaked in rain. Also, having a nice tailored jacket can turn any outfit into a sophisticated one. The outfit shown below can be worn to a nice dinner  with different shoes or even to work. Also, I like this coat below because it has an a-line shape to it. This shape helps embrace the natural curves of your body and helps shows it off as well.


  • Hat: Having a hat can be a life saver if your umbrella breaks or if you’re having a bad hair day. Having a wide brimmed hat can shield away the rain from your face and still give you an effortless, casual, chic look… Functionality + Fashionable = WIN! I think investing in a wool hat would be best to keep the rain from getting it soaked and it can better hold it’s shape. The outfit below is a really cozy and casual look for a day out to get brunch or for a coffee date. The hat adds a sense of edginess and chicness to the outfit while still being really laid back.




I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I hope it came in handy! Till next time. See ya!

Summer Outfits 2013

Hello all! So here in Southern California, the weather is hot, hot, hot! And pants are not an option when heading out the door! I thought I’d share 3 outfit ideas for work, day time, and a casual night out. The common theme with all of the outfits are that they are loose and breezy and fun! Enjoy!

Work Outfit– I thought that an outfit like this would be perfect for the work place, especially mine. I work in a very relaxed office where people wear sweats and what not, but I like to keep it a little more dressed up than that. I love this dress so much because one, it’s a skater skirt, two, it has such a fun print! Flamingos! Also, the hints of brown and tan give the look a really casual feel, which is great for my work place. I love this shoes as well. At work, I like to wear a close toed shoe, even in the summer. But these are great alternative to normal flats because of the open back and the t-strap detail. Also, I thought the backpack was a nice touch to this outfit as well. Of course, you can always switch it out with a nice satchel or bag of your choice!


Casual Day Outfit-  This outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends to the beach or to to a theme park or the county fair. The stripes and distressed jean shorts give this look a casual and relaxed feel. I love this outfit especially because of how easy and loose it is. Especially here in So Cal, you want to wear something airy and not constricting because of the heat. Also, I love the studs on the shorts. It gives the outfit a nice touch of edge. The chucks are a great staple to have in everyone’s wardrobe. You can also throw over a nice light cardigan if you want to bring this lool into the night time.


Casual Night Out
This outfit is perfect for a nice, breezy, and casual night out. It would be perfect for a casual date, the movies, or a nice stroll along the beach or boardwalk. I love the shape of this skirt. I think that A-Line skirts flatter almost every body type. It hits the smallest part of your waist and follows the natural curve of youe body. I think that this outfit has a touch of Charlotte York in it from Sex & the City. But with the added denim vest, it has a touch of edginess that it needs. I love how clean and eligant this outfit is and its perfect for a nice summer night.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time! See ya!

Valentine’s Day 2013 Outfit Ideas

Hey there!! Since Valentine’s Day is coming up upon us, I thought I’d put up some outfit ideas for different Valentine’s Day situations. For all of the outfits I wanted to color red to be the main focus. I hope you enjoy this post!

  1. Casual Outfit: 

This outfit is perfect for those girls who are going out for lunch or coffee with their dates or a nice outing with the girls. I thought the slouchiness of the sweater and the white converse gave the look a very casual feel which are perfect for day outings. Though the majority of the outfit is very casual, I thought the structured bag and the leather watch gave it a good balance of sophistication.


2. Casual Date Night Outfit: 

This outfit is perfect for a causal night out. You can wear this outfit for a casual dinner or bar night out with your partner. Of course if you want to make it more dressed up, you can swap the flats for some neutral heels. I love this outfit because it gives a great contrast of soft and hard with the chiffon red blouse and the army jacket with the leather sleeves. It’s still really cute but with an added touch of edge.


3. Date Night Outfit: 

This is the outfit for those fancy dinner nights with your Valentine! I thought that this dress is a flattering dress for many different body types but still shows off your figure. It’s a very simple outfit with black and gold accessories  but it does a great job highlighting you and your body with this dress. I love this dress also because of the darting down the sides of the dress which emphasis your body’s curves. This outfit is very flirty and perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  By the way, Happy 50th Post! : )