2017 May & June Adventures: Weddings, New York, Rafting, and the United Kingdom

May and June flew by so fast and so many things happened within the last 2 months. The last two months were filled with weddings, adventure, and travel.

May Adventures:

Sister’s Wedding & New York: My sister got married in mid-May in rural Pennsylvania. Wesley, my cousin Jillian, and I took a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York City. We arrived in the city in the early morning and headed out to Pennsylvania. We arrived in country side in the afternoon and met up with my sister at the wedding venue. Since I was Maid of Honor, I had a day planned out with my sister and the rest of the bridal party. We got our nails done and I had rented out a home close by the venue. At night we went out to dinner at a cute restaurant that served country comfort food and had a great selection of drinks! Later that night, I had prepared some games for us girls to play and it was a lot of fun! We drank, danced, and had a great time.

The next day we headed back to the venue to help set up all of the decorations for the Saturday wedding festivities. The bridal party helped put together the flower arrangements for the tables and bouquets. At first, I was really intimidated, but they turned out great and we all had a lot of fun. Later that night more guest arrived and we had a group dinner where the parents gave touching and moving speeches. We capped off the night with some games of big jenga, ping pong, and cornhole.

The day of the wedding started off great. We finished off with the decoration and clean up from the night before. My sister and some of her other bridesmaids got her hair done. We all did our make up together and took pictures with her photographer. The time for all of us to walk down the isle. The ceremony was short and sweet and very romantic. After, we took pictures and had a delicious BBQ dinner. Finally, it was time for me to deliver my speech and it went off perfectly! We ended the night with dancing and having a great time! The wedding was amazing and a lot of fun! I’m so happy for my sister and her husband!

The next day, my cousin, Wesley, and I headed back to New York to spend the day exploring and eating pizza! It had been a few years since me or my cousin had been back to New York and it was the first time Wesley had been to the city. We had dinner and had New York pizza which was delicious! We walked around the city and saw Time Square, Rockerfeller Center, Radio City Hall, and had desserts at Magnolia Bakery. The next day we headed to the World Trade Center Memorial and explored the Battery Park area of lower Manhattan and later that day we headed back to Los Angeles. Although our trip to the east coast was quick it was definitely filled with life long memories that we will all cherish forever.

 photo CDE7994A-C64F-4E1A-9878-7DECB9BA6F2A_zps2vbr79nm.jpg
 photo 9BA65A52-C742-4A69-9733-A19C334411D5_zpsi4efhzzo.jpg
 photo E50839BA-AA69-4781-952D-B9518B08D8CB_zpsd8dlq7bv.jpg
 photo C7DA960C-D951-4F37-9415-68D75E577AC8_zpsx3akt46r.jpg
 photo 335114ED-CDFC-4759-99ED-F692893D04FA_zpsttjguvgf.jpg
 photo 7EEB7FE8-D826-425E-88E4-3C2BCEB2DEEB_zps9nnvcsku.jpg
 photo 6213AF07-BF88-48D3-9470-E267A369D761_zpsd03lg1lj.jpg
 photo 5D709D68-C084-4188-AD94-553DD962D047_zpslvi3nnzh.jpg
 photo 63CBC0EC-4BE2-447E-A4C0-57496841E084_zpsi6zwx6jy.jpg
 photo 43EB9571-98B9-4264-A6B9-363C96142790_zpsc9ixsvz9.jpg
 photo 5EE3DE91-3DF7-42D9-BED8-F599C2EF9118_zpseo09wctd.jpg

Kern River Rafting: Wesley and I were invited to go camping and rafting over Memorial Day weekend. We met up with our friends Friday night and set up camp at our first campsite. The next morning we moved to another campsite. This place was awesome! They had great showers and bathrooms! I’m easily amused… can’t you tell. The rest of the day we spent watching the Kern River and relaxing. On Sunday, we prepared ourselves for a few hours of rafting. At first, I was a little scared, but very excited. In the mid afternoon we were off to our adventure. That weekend, the water was at 6,000 CFS, which is apparently really high. The rapids were a bit rough, but it added to experience. We were tossed around a little bit, but with our amazing guide we made it out unhurt and alive. It was a great adventure and we were all glad we made it safe. I’m so glad that our friends invited us out and we got to do another first with them.

 photo 3925AB07-187E-4293-B6A6-ECEBF26FCA64_zps1b5fmvbr.jpg
 photo F595BCBD-958E-45C4-8A56-6D237D6768EF_zpskwsglz9k.jpg
 photo 660099AA-3B94-4F4D-8D10-AE0B82220D82_zpsog3z1ek6.jpg
 photo 0761163A-D662-4523-9235-97A8DFF402E2_zpsfvqimvuf.jpg
 photo E09CB09D-681C-4734-A342-14A8C7B3738B_zpsknijeo5o.jpg
 photo A35DA7C3-571A-4B02-A494-C7DFE4C5AB4B_zpsn2g7ljve.jpg

June Adventures

United Kingdom | London, Whichurch, and Endiburgh

In early June, Wesley and I were off to London. We headed to the United Kingdom for my cousin’s wedding and to take a little vacation as well. We landed in London late Saturday night and we stayed in the Camden neighborhood through Airbnb. Our host were amazing and we stayed in the cutest little studio flat. Everything in the flat was just perfect. On Sunday, we spent the day exploring London. It was the first time Wesley had been to the UK, but it was the third time that I had gone and I wanted to plan the perfect time for him out in London. During our first official day, we went to see Buckingham Palace. It was nice because they had closed off the “Mall” area leading up to the palace to cars and were able to walk in the street. It was nice because the streets were lined with the union jack, It just added to the atmosphere. Next we headed towards to Churchill War Room and walked near the the River Thames and enjoyed the scenery of Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. We ended the night with a beautiful sunset and the Millennium Eye.
 photo D39C50AB-F536-4321-BE07-5C82A9CC8D7B_zpsjeux8kcd.jpg
 photo 9021D336-1CE5-4223-A38E-F4A972C8EFC6_zpsbkkawwog.png
 photo A77967E1-9C69-4943-9356-A05FDA8A0A54_zpstd85cyvl.jpg

The next day, we started off visiting Westminster Abbey and toured ourselves around the historic place. After, we headed towards Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. We spent a few hours exploring the area and learned of the rich history of the those establishments. We ended up walking along the River Thames down near the Millennium Bridge towards Saint Paul’s cathedral. At night we decided to explore the Camden neighborhood and have fish and chips. It was nice because it was walking distance to our flat.
 photo AAFADF9E-EE80-4C67-93FA-628DD1F4DEA8_zpsqop0ngt6.jpg
 photo 744AAB63-6DEE-41B9-9CEF-7F6F165901BF_zpsldqqis2m.jpg
 photo CAEA0F3C-FC84-43BA-B373-EA183D59CD1A_zpsnvna6w1x.jpg
 photo 1B2B68E8-17D7-4EE2-980D-7293C3800D7B_zpsstrlnyve.jpg

On Tuesday, we joined a bus tour to Stonehenge and the city of Bath. We arrived at Stonehenge first and we were greeted with beautiful warm weather. We got explore the area for almost 2 hours. Neither of us had been there and we were so happy to explore it together. After we explored Stonehenge, we headed towards Bath and got to explore the old Roman Baths. After we had lunch and walked around the old city. The city was very romantic and I just wish we were able to spend more time exploring. We headed back to London and had a low key dinner at Nandos! (Which I loved, but tasted like El Pollo Loco… which I am not putting down!)
 photo 9FDC189D-E261-40BC-A3EF-43BA03AF932D_zps8tnvbcmu.jpg
 photo AB6AFD70-3945-42F3-991C-DB6386CB121E_zpszmfyi5vi.jpg

Wednesday we spent the morning at the British Museum. We both like museums but especially museums that have sculptures and mummys! After spending the morning viewing exhibits we decided to explore Oxford street and spend the rest of the day doing some light shopping. At night we decided to have dinner near the River Thames and walked to Tower Bridge and watched a sunset with London as the background. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end our stay in London.
 photo 586915C8-26F1-4D48-A451-4E00D4E6AA7C_zps96zwa5sx.jpg
 photo B22B46E5-2A6B-416D-A9C9-8FA2CF1490E4_zpsb4dwvogm.jpg
 photo 729C031C-F9A8-464C-B7D6-AC2BA06BB3F5_zpsewnzbrgy.jpg

The next day, we headed up to Manchester to meet up with my relatives. After resting for a few hours, my cousin and his wife took Wesley and I out to dinner and drinks in Manchester. The next day we headed out to the English country side to spend the weekend celebrating my cousin’s wedding. The venue where my cousin go married was so beautiful. She got married near Dearford Lake out near Wales. It was a romantic setting and ceremony. We spent the rest of the night of the wedding enjoying music, food, and company with my family. We stayed over night and stayed in nice canvas tents. Now we can check off the box that we camped in the UK. The next day we headed back to the Manchester area and took it easy for the night. On our last day of our UK trip, we decided to head up Edinburgh in Scotland. We took the train up to the city and stayed there for the day. We walked up and down the Royal Mile and admired the achitecture of the city. We spent a few hours a the National Scotland Museum. After we decided to have lunch along the Royal Mile and just take our time through the city. Before we knew it, we were heading back to Manchester.
 photo 58097318-7D39-4626-8A3A-2CF1232AAE80_zpsbpyayk2i.jpg
 photo 2E3EF211-6532-4A10-9372-2FC2D75E2912_zpsppfuzdxf.jpg
 photo 02992F9A-15A5-43E8-9A93-C760A530D025_zpsanzb94te.jpg
 photo 0FAC1484-EEAC-4E2F-AD59-B7BAA899ABAF_zpsgvusizl8.jpg
 photo 1E638E16-16BE-4D58-A446-956FD8887F24_zpsh4zeoeni.jpg
 photo 63B115B7-17C7-4118-BE3C-38840FCBE8E5_zpseoyzcu8y.jpg
 photo A56359D5-5E43-4935-8281-AD629127BE1F_zpsjng3nxpv.jpg
 photo 6FFAF3F0-8254-4C0E-B96E-6BE81E0DF1EA_zpsv8tjgauz.jpg
 photo EA08997D-FE1A-4EC5-AE4F-26C50CE7B83A_zpslkx2og3d.jpg

And just like that, our trip to the UK was over. This trip was a great getaway for the both of us and I am so thankful for my relatives for taking amazing care of Wesley and I.


Travel Video: United Kingdom

Wesley and I went to the United Kingdom for my cousin’s wedding and we visited London and Edinburgh during our stay. Enjoy our short video!

United Kingdom 2014: My Experience

About 2 weeks ago, I got back from my trip from England. It was amazing. I traveled with one of my best friends and we loved every minute. Our trip was about 9 days, including travel time. We left LAX during the night and arrived in Manchester the following night. We flew through Virgin Atlantic, which I highly recommend. They have pretty good accommodations and great services.

During our first leg of the trip, my friend and I stayed with my relatives in a cute town called Glossop. I also go to meet up with my cousin Jillian who had finished her study abroad program in London. She also has a blog, go check it out here 🙂 My Aunt’s house and town remind me of a good mix between Privet Drive and the town in Hot Fuzz. hahah, which is totally a compliment. During our time up north, I also stayed in Manchester for a night at my cousin’s flat. She took us around and showed us the night life of Manchester. We went to three pubs/clubs. One was a pub with live music…. hard rock music. It was pretty cool. The music reminded me of my teen/emo years… yes, I went through that stage. There was graffiti on the walls and some of the people there were pretty hardcore. The second place was called “The Slug and Lettuce”, which was a bit more up my alley. It was nice, calm place where you could sit and enjoy a few drinks… and well lit! Which is always a plus. And the third place was a club type of place. Mind you, me and my friend rarely go out to bars and clubs so at first I was a bit hesitant. Once I heard the music that was being played, I fell in love. They played all of the best of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. It was great! We danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning. I hadn’t had that much fun in so long. Also, during my time in Manchester, we check all the local sights including Manchester Cathedral, Printworks, and the main square in the city. I really liked Manchester because it felt like you were in a city with the beautiful architecture, but it wasn’t as busy as most cities. During our time up north, my cousin Jillian, my best friend, and I also checked out Liverpool for a day. It was more of an industrial city, but beautiful nonetheless. Also, it’s the birth place of The Beatles! We took the train from Manchester to Liverpool, it was super easy, and spent an easy day there. And before we knew it, our time up north was over.

IMG_7785 IMG_7787 IMG_7796 IMG_7797 IMG_7802 IMG_7814 IMG_7820 IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7827 IMG_7844 IMG_7885 IMG_7893 IMG_7896 IMG_7899 IMG_7900 IMG_7903 IMG_7908 IMG_7911 IMG_7912 IMG_7915 1972410_10152037996695759_2579598835638978184_n 10298906_10152037995615759_100921371177919458_n 10341967_10152037995620759_1600028073345474919_n


We took the train from Manchester to London, which was about a 2 hour train ride between the two cities. We stayed in the King’s Cross Station area, which was really convenient because of the tube, but of course there was a a tube strike which a little annoying. But it was done and over with by our second day. Our hotel was the Arriva Hotel, which was ok, it could have been better, the bathrooms were a bit dirty, but I was able to handle it. The staff were pretty nice and helpful as well. During our first 1/2 day, we went to check out we went to check out Trafalgar Square and the Charring Cross area as well. Later on at night, we went to a pub called “Shakespeare’s Head” which was in the same area as Charring Cross. I had to get use to ordering food at pubs, ordering at the bar, food and drink at the same time.  Our second day, we checked out the replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Tower Bridge, and Tower of London. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater was OK, it didn’t really tickle our fancy, but both Tower Bridge and Tower of London were both so amazing. For some reason, my friend Stacey and I, both get a real kick out of things that are about torture or gore. haha. We got to go up to the top of Tower Bridge and see a nice panoramic view of the River Thames. And at the Tower of London, we got to see the Crown Jewels, which were AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. We ended our day at Wagamama’s, which is their take on Japanese food, which was interesting… haha. It was good, just different.

IMG_7919 IMG_7921 IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7935 IMG_7940 IMG_7942 IMG_7943 IMG_7951 IMG_7952 IMG_7954 IMG_7965 IMG_7980 IMG_7982 IMG_7998 IMG_8001


The next day, we headed to Buckingham Place. It was the only day that it rained on us, which was a miracle, because London known for it’s bad weather. I was kind of happy that it did rain though because it added to the London experience. After trying to look for Prince Harry and after realizing the chances of us seeing him were zero to none, we headed down St. James’s Park towards Westminster Abbey, London Eye, and Big Ben. It was amazing to see all of these sights all together, in one area. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside Westminster Abbey sadly, but something so awesome happened, we saw the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, inside the Abbey AND we exchanged bows with him! Also, my friend Stacey was behind him while he was putting a reef at the unknown soldiers tomb and she was in the background of some of the pictures! So cool.


Back right, with the white scarf is my friend Stacey! haha.

After the Abbey, went to walk around the area, gawking at the London Eye and Big Ben. The architecture of the Parliament building is just beautiful to me, I couldn’t get enough of it.  After walking around for a while, we took a boat tour along The River Thames and ended up in Greenwich, which a quite part of London and super cute. Later on at night, we decided to check out Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

IMG_8015 IMG_8024 IMG_8026 IMG_8028 IMG_8030 IMG_8035 IMG_8037 IMG_8039 IMG_8048 IMG_8052 IMG_8055 IMG_8059 IMG_8063

10346545_10152037963975759_5749677288543214928_n 10348992_10152037951045759_4892718112253685085_n


The next day, we took the tube towards Kensington Palace. We wanted to check out where Princess Diana and Queen Victoria resided while they were still alive. The palace was so beautiful and so elegant. While we were out there we decided to have afternoon tea with the sights of the palace outside the window. After the palace, we decided to head over to Notting Hill and check out the area. I was trying to look for Hugh Grant, but no luck again. 🙂 The neighborhood was so cute and corky, which I wasn’t expecting. Also, it was nice because they had a market going on as well and it really felt like we were apart of the neighborhood.  Later on in the night, we decided to hunt down Platform 9 3/4 and I found it! I was too happy! haha.

IMG_8066 IMG_8070 IMG_8071 IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 IMG_8090 IMG_8091 IMG_8098

10340179_10152031480395759_4587206812161527704_n IMG_8107 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8116 15114_10152037953155759_8739762954505246921_n


On our last day, we decided to check out Camden and what that town had to offer. It was a very hippy/corky part of London and it kind of reminds me of Haight Street in San Francisco. The area was full of shops and vendors everywhere. They also had canals through that part of London and looked like Amsterdam. During our last day, we decided to go back to the London Eye area and check out the London Dungeon, which explored London’s past with the Plague and how they tortured people. We decided to take an easy down out and appreciate the city. At night, we went back to the same area, to say a proper goodbye to the city.

IMG_8117 IMG_8119 IMG_8120 IMG_8123 IMG_8125 IMG_8129 IMG_8135 IMG_8136 IMG_8140 IMG_8141 IMG_8143 IMG_8146

Traveling throughout England was a great experience with my best friend. It was the first time we had traveled like this together. I was really please as to what we saw and what we experienced. We will definitely be planning another trip together in the near future, but to where? We don’t know yet, but it’ll be amazing.

Thanks for reading. And to London, hats off to you, cheers 🙂

Top 10 Fashion Travel Essentials 2014: United Kingdom Edition

Hello there! Since I am about to jet off to the UK soon, I thought I’d share what I think my top 10 fashion essentials will be when I’m across the pond. I wanted to be as fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


  1. Thick Coat: I think having a thick coat for the nights in London will be essential to keep you warm on chilly nights, while still looking fashion forward and edgy. I am planning on bringing a coat similar to the one shown above. My coat is from Forever 21 and I got on sale. It pretty much looks the same as the coat above. It has pleather sleeves, silver hardware, and is a made of a thick wool material. I think this coat will look so nice during the day and so edgy at night over a dainty dress.
  2. Dress: Having a nice dress to either dress down for the day or dress up for the night will come in handy especially if you’re staying the city. I plan on bringing a lot of dresses for my trip because how versatile they can be, with either wearing them in the day or at night. I also think that dresses are a lot more comfortable to wear than jeans especially when you pair them with tights. And I think wearing dresses while traveling is a nice change rather than the normal jeans and t-shirt look.
  3. Sneakers/ Tennis Shoes: Bringing a pair of chucks or nikes or whatever tennis shoes you prefer will be a life saver when end up walking the whole city and your feet will thank you. I will be bringing a pair of white chucks with me on my trip. I think these shoes go with any outfit, even with dresses. Even though these aren’t the greatest when it rains, they’re are still cute and comfortable.
  4. Jeans: As much as I hate wearing jeans, I still wear them and I still think they are essential while traveling. Jeans are essential because they are so easy to wear and to style. When you get durable and comfortable jeans, it’s always a win.
  5. Chunky Heels: I know that chunky heels are on their way out and minimal, skinny heels are on trend, but I walk better with a chunky heel haha. As much as I love the minimalist heel, I really cannot walk in them… especially if it is on cobble streets and sidewalks. On my trip, I am planning on bringing my pair of trusty black Jeffery Campbell Litas. These shoes can be so comfortable for me and easy to walk in. And plus, they go with near damn everything. I love them.
  6. Umbrella: Being that I’m going to the UK, rain is inevitable. So because of that, I will be bringing a small umbrella with me while I am out and about in the city. I am bringing an umbrella that is small and compact and that can fit in my purse. And since I would be carrying around the umbrella, I thought I’d make it fun by having it have a fun design like mine with a colorful hounds tooth print or like the one shown above with a funny quote.
  7. T-Shirts or Tank Tops: Bringing casual elements to your wardrobe on your trip can make for a relaxing experience.  I think having these essential items of tees and tanks can be good so that you can layer up with cardigans and coats. I think having fun shirts as a base can set off a casual yet, fashionable look. Also, think about bringing light tops and tops that can breathe because one thing I hate is overheating and sweating like a mad woman.
  8. Sunglasses: Even though the UK isn’t known for it’s sunny weather, the sun will still come out at some point. On any trip, you always want to protect your eyes from the UV Rays. So I suggest investing in a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes. I will be bringing my prescription pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses. They have a UV Filter on them so their great for under the sun.
  9. Bag: I will be bringing a bag similar to the one shown above. I like cross body bags because they are hassle free. Also, whenever I am looking for a bag, I like bags with compartments where I can keep things separate and that lay flat against the body. The one that I will be bringing has 3 compartments, but it small and compact which is perfect while moving around London.
  10. Watch: Wearing a watch is an essential as old as time (haha!) It helps to wear a watch because you won’t always have to be rustling through your purse to find your phone to know the time. I will be bringing my Daniel Wellington watch that my lovely boyfriend gave to me. This watch is just so perfect and goes with everything. Also, it has a very sophisticated feel to it, and which I love pairing it with more edgier outfits. I did a review on this watch, if you haven;t done so, check it out! 🙂

I hope this helped out anyone else who is planning to travel. I think that having a fun wardrobe while traveling can make for a more memorable trip rather than wearing boring clothes. And I figured, while I’m in Europe, might as well look cute while I am there! I will for sure update this blog about my trip and adventures in the United Kingdom.

Thanks for reading! 🙂