2017 July Adventures: 4th of July, Harry Potter, and Relaxing

July is coming to an end and it was a particularly calm month in comparison to May and June. July was filled with a relaxing and kind of catching our breath from the previous months. So we didn’t do anything too crazy this month and stayed locally in Southern California.

Independence Day: So my sister and her husband were in town for their friend’s wedding and stayed for the 4th of July weekend. Our family had a very chill Independence Day party. Family and family friends joined us at my parent’s house for a bbq and swimming! We spent the day just lounging in the pool and enjoying each other’s company. It was a very relaxing weekend and I was so happy that my sister and her husband were able to come and spend some time with us.

 photo 14E16D48-0639-48B9-BE4C-9D64FE91707A_zpskk2hhw2a.png

Universal Studios: Our friend’s Brandon and Anneka invited us to spend the day at Universal Studios with them. It was all of our first time visiting the Harry Potter portion at Universal. We arrived super early to try and avoid the long lines and the HEAT. When we first arrived we went straight to the Harry Potter part of the park and rode both rides. They were both super fun! And I love how interactive everything was within that portion of the park. We also went into every store to see what fun things they had. When we got there you really feel like you’re in Hogsmeade and fully immersed in the environment. I loved every minute of it. After we got our frozen Butter Beers we decided to explore the rest of the park. We went on almost all of the rides including the Back Lot Tour (a must!), Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformers, and the Simpson’s ride. Since we had an early start to the day, we headed home before the evening and got KBBQ for dinner. Also we have annual passes to the park so we may go again in the near future! Although it was super hot at the park, it was a fun day out!

 photo 9BA8D020-DEBE-49D4-8A97-567F219E93B5_zps6i5htis1.jpg
 photo 2BFE59B0-8A38-449A-9449-C3F3DED864D2_zpsr0sr62m3.jpg

Work, work, work, work, work… and chill: The rest of the month was spent working and relaxing. Work was a little hectic this month for me. It’s our “busy season” right now and we had to go around and do some presentations for work and put together some training events as well. Also, we stayed in for the rest of the weekends in July. Also, for me personally, I wanted to get back into my routine of meal prepping for the week and hitting the gym again a few times during the work week. Since May and June were a little crazy, I really let go and didn’t get to stick to my “healthy-ish eating” or gym habits, but hopefully I can get back on track. Also, my parents, Wesley, and I headed out to Joshua Tree to look at some venues for our wedding next year. I don’t want to give out too much details, but we saw some promising venues and wanted to give my parents a quick introduction to Joshua Tree since they have never been.

All in all, that was my July. I’m not really sure what’s in store in for August, but I’m guessing it may be similar to August… which I am totally OK with. Thanks for reading!