2016 Fall Trends: Trends I am Loving!

I thought I’d stick to my roots and do a “Fall Trends” post. It may be hard for you to believe, but I started this blog as a fashion and style blog. I still love doing these post, but travel has obviously been a huge passion of mine lately. But, nonetheless, I still love fashion and style, so let’s get to the list!

Floral – Although many may say that floral is not appropriate for the fall, I say fuck ’em! Screw the rules, I think that you can wear whatever you’re loving at the moment. I love floral for all times of the year and I think you could really incorporate floral into your fall outfits. Florals in a muted town or paired with darker colors are great for fall and can be great for the festive holidays in the fall or winter!

 photo floral_zpsnfb8krf2.jpeg

Denim – Denim is forever a trend for all seasons and of all time. I’ve been really loving all denim outfits or aka “The Canadian Tuxedo” because of the casual and cool vibes that it gives off. Denim dresses and overalls are great for on the go people who are in a bind when they don’t know what to wear because you can just put it on with a plain tee and you’re ready to go. I love denim and I love how timeless it can be.

 photo img-set_zps8yzr3l9m.jpeg

Lace Up – Lately, I have been loving lace up details with everything! I think the lace up detail is great especially for evening wear because it can give off a sexy vibe without showing too much skin, but just enough. I’m really having a moment with body suits with the lace up front detail. Also, I think this detail pairs perfectly with the fall weather because the tops with this detail are usually sweater materials or a thicker material top. I love this detail!

 photo img-set 1_zpsje5kuilo.jpeg

Hope you liked this post! Enjoy the Fall weather and wear what you love! See ya!


Summer Outfits 2013

Hello all! So here in Southern California, the weather is hot, hot, hot! And pants are not an option when heading out the door! I thought I’d share 3 outfit ideas for work, day time, and a casual night out. The common theme with all of the outfits are that they are loose and breezy and fun! Enjoy!

Work Outfit– I thought that an outfit like this would be perfect for the work place, especially mine. I work in a very relaxed office where people wear sweats and what not, but I like to keep it a little more dressed up than that. I love this dress so much because one, it’s a skater skirt, two, it has such a fun print! Flamingos! Also, the hints of brown and tan give the look a really casual feel, which is great for my work place. I love this shoes as well. At work, I like to wear a close toed shoe, even in the summer. But these are great alternative to normal flats because of the open back and the t-strap detail. Also, I thought the backpack was a nice touch to this outfit as well. Of course, you can always switch it out with a nice satchel or bag of your choice!


Casual Day Outfit-  This outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends to the beach or to to a theme park or the county fair. The stripes and distressed jean shorts give this look a casual and relaxed feel. I love this outfit especially because of how easy and loose it is. Especially here in So Cal, you want to wear something airy and not constricting because of the heat. Also, I love the studs on the shorts. It gives the outfit a nice touch of edge. The chucks are a great staple to have in everyone’s wardrobe. You can also throw over a nice light cardigan if you want to bring this lool into the night time.


Casual Night Out
This outfit is perfect for a nice, breezy, and casual night out. It would be perfect for a casual date, the movies, or a nice stroll along the beach or boardwalk. I love the shape of this skirt. I think that A-Line skirts flatter almost every body type. It hits the smallest part of your waist and follows the natural curve of youe body. I think that this outfit has a touch of Charlotte York in it from Sex & the City. But with the added denim vest, it has a touch of edginess that it needs. I love how clean and eligant this outfit is and its perfect for a nice summer night.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time! See ya!