NPS 100: Celebration of America’s National Park

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Although I am a few days late, I wanted to take a moment and recognize the 100th birthday of the National Park Service! My boyfriend and I embarked on a journey starting in 2015 to see as many National Parks as we can and it just so happen that in 2016, it was the 100th year of the National Park Service. With knowing that the centennial was upcoming, we wanted to see as many national parks as we could during any time we could take off from work and free weekends (usually holidays). In 2016, we visited 9 National Parks and 12 National Parks in total. We hope to visit a few more National Parks before the year ends. We bought a year pass, so might as well use it! So far, my favorite park that we visited was Arches National Park in Utah. The beauty of this park is so amazing. I love desert landscapes and the natural arches and beauty of this park leaves me so speechless. This park tested my endurance and my strength and made me realize that I could overcome obstacles. My boyfriend and I have cherished memories in this park and I would love to come back and explore more in this park.

I recently watched a video from the National Park Service and it stated, “Enjoy what is yours. Protect and keep this great heritage.” I love this statement and agree with it so much. Go and explore your National Parks.



Death Valley: Super Bloom

Last weekend Wesley and I went to Death Valley again to check out the Super Bloom and other sights near by. The Super Bloom is so amazing to see compared to when we were there last month. The basin is covered in yellow and purple and some pink wild flowers. Check out the video below! And go check out the Super Bloom in Death Valley! It only happens about once a decade… if we are lucky!!!

Travel: Saline Valley | Death Valley, California

Last weekend from January 22nd to January 24th, my boyfriend and I went to camp out in Saline Valley which is located in Death Valley National Park in California. This was the second time we camped out in Death Valley. We really love spending time out there because you can completely disconnect from the real world and enjoy nature’s beauty. Here is a quick video of our time out in Death Valley. Enjoy!