Wish List: Current Swoon-Worthy Items

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d go over some of my current wish list! These are things that I have been swooning over for a while and hope to get in near or maybe even distant future. Even though some of these items are on the pricier side, I hope that if I work hard enough for it, I will eventually meet my goal and earn these items!

 photo 45DDBB63-5541-43D4-8243-7127AF6403F3_zpscbseegno.jpg

So, as you can see, all of the items are pretty much black. I’m not goth, but I just like the color black. #allblackeveryday. For me, I am so comfortable dressing in mostly black clothing. It gives me confidence and what’s so wrong with being confident in yourself? Anywho, on to my current Wish List.

  1. Adidas Sweatshirt – If you haven’t notice in the picture, I am currently really feeling active wear. I have been lusting over the old school Adidas sweatshirts. I think they are so classic and so simple that it makes a statement every time you wear it. Also, I think this sweater can be great for home use and even wearing out on cold summer nights. It would be so cute with some casual sneakers and a pair of denim shorts. I use to hate hoodless sweatshirt for some weird reason, but I have recently fallen in love with them. I love this sweater and hope to get it soon, but the $50+ price tag is really hindering my purchase. I think I’ll just have to get over it and just get it.
  2. Nike Leggings – Recently, I have had a workout kick, so work out gear has been jam lately. I love Nike gear and everything Nike. I have a few pairs of their sneakers, but really no clothing items… yet. I love the look of Nike leggings because of the Nike logos and slogans that are designed on the leggings. I love how some of the leggings have the print printed on both legs. I’ve never had a pair, but I have felt them and feel so comfortable and look so chic. I want it… I need it. You will be mine soon.
  3. FitBit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch – I have had a FitBit before, but sadly it has pooped out on me and for some reason doesn’t want to sync to my phone. But when it did work, I loved it. I loved that you don’t have to worry about it and you just wear it and don’t have to set it or anything. I have been really intrigued with the FitBit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch because it looks like great arm candy and it can keep you healthy.
  4. Nike Air Max Thea – I’ve never been a sneaker head and never really cared about my sneakers except for my Chucks back in the day. But recently, I have been loving Nike sneakers because of the great quality of shoes and it feels like you’re walking on air with Nikes on. I have been seeing a few Youtubers with this pair of shoes and I have been converted. I love how classic these shoes look. I think these shoes are simple, but can give an outfit a good amount of edge without trying too hard. Also, they look comfy AF.
  5. Ray-Ban Clubmasters – I have been a fan of Ray-Bans for a good amount of years and I own two pairs of Ray-Bans and I want more styles. I have always loved the Clubmasters because of the retro feel of the glasses. I love that these glasses goes with so many trends and outfits. I’ve tried these glasses on before and they are so comfy because of the nose pads and the light design. When you have a flat face like me, nose pads are a God-send.
  6. Mini Chanel Leather Bag – This Chanel bag is a farfetched reach, but a girl can wish, right?  I have always loved Chanel because of the simple and the timeless design. I think that Chanel is a classic brand and a great brand to invest in. I hope that in the future I can work hard and buy a bag for myself. I feel like when I get to that point in my life, I will be very happy.
  7. Solo 2: Beats by Dre – I have always used the most basic headphones, usually the headphones that come with phone. But since I have had my workout kick, I’ve wanting to get a pair of wireless headphones so that I could be free from the wire. I also like the bigger headphones so that when I am at the gym no one will talk to me because they will clearly see the headphones. Also, I think bigger headphones are comfier than the ones you put in your ear.
  8. Bomber Jackets – Bomber jackets have definitely made a mean comeback in recent years and I am on board.  I remember when the bigger bomber jackets were in and they were pretty obnoxious. But the modern bomber jackets are more slimmer and more streamline than the old jackets. I think these jackets can go with so many outfits and can give an outfit a casual feel. I love how chill these jackets are, but can make you look like a bad ass at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed my current swoons! Till next time! See ya!


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