Essentials for Desert Outings

Aloha! Today I thought I’d share my top essentials for a day outing in a desert landscape. The desert can be an exciting and fun place to explore, but you have to remember that Mother Nature can be powerful if you aren’t fully prepared for her.

 photo D9664A26-1588-4122-B917-484DD8F4AEC8_zpsqbnnicjt.jpg

I’ll be starting from the top and working my way left to right. Also, this is catered more for Spring  or Summer months.
Hat: The sun can be extremely powerful and can dangerous. Wearing a hat can protect you and your head from the powerful rays from the sun. Any hat will do, but I recommend a bucket style hat that has a brim all the way around and has a draw string to make sure the hat stays on your head. Winds can be strong and you don’t want to worry about your hat flying away.

Hiking Boots: Since desert terrain can be rocky and uneven, it’s important to have good support for your feet.  Also, since you’ll probably want to climb some boulders it’s good to have a good grip on your shoes, which hiking boots can give you.  When you are looking for a good quality pair of boots, you want to have good arch support, great grip, and good ankle support. I personally own a pair of Lowas and I love them!

Sunglasses: To add to with protection from the sun, it’s important to protect your eyes as well. Any pair of sunglasses will be fine, but it’s important that the sunglasses have UV protection and that the sunglasses are comfortable. You don’t want to be fumbling around and constantly adjusting your glasses. And I even recommend maybe even using a drawstring for your glasses so they can stay put, even though you’ll feel a little dorky, you’ll be protected which is more important.

Sunblock: If you can’t tell, you should be protected from the sun. I think sun block is self explanatory. The higher the SPF, the better. Use it!

Jacket: Winds can pick up in the desert and a wind breaker can be a great barrier between your skin and the sand the can pick up and whip you. Also, sometimes when your are hiking through a canyon it can be shady and cold so a light jacket would be perfect for a day hike. Also, this type of jacket can be perfect to roll up and keep in your backpack.

Snacks: When you are doing some day hikes, it’s important to not be hungry. To give yourself some energy, make sure you pack some light snacks that can benefit you. You can pack some granola bars, some fruits, or even a light sandwich.

Water: I saved the most important for last. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It is important to drink water while you are out in the desert. You don’t want to be passing out or getting dizzy out in the desert. I recommend using a mini hydration pack like a Camel Back so that you can have easy access to your water and you don’t have to worry about leaving your bottle in the car or out on a hiking trail. Also, you could use this pack to back your snacks and jacket and other things.

These are some of the things that I think you should bring out to the desert. Of course you can always bring more if you need to. But remember, be smart when you are out there, but most importantly have fun!


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