Lookbook: Holiday Outfits 2015

Since the Holiday Season is here, I thought I’d share with you 3 outfit ideas for 3 different occasions. I hope you get some inspiration!

Hiking Day Out – If you want to go on a post holiday feast hike, I think this outfit is perfect to stay trendy and to be practical. When my boyfriend and I went out to Arizona, I found my self reaching for this outfit a lot. I think this outfit is perfect for a day out for a chilly hike. It will keep you warm enough but not over heat you on the hike. The most important thing about this outfit is to layer and make sure you don’t get too hot. Mind you, I do live in Southern California and the SoCal Winter gets down to about 55-60 degrees… Fahrenheit. Also, invest in quality hiking boots, they will save your feet. I personally have a pair of Lowas and they are wonderful. Also, I think having a spacious backpack is important to hold all of your hiking essentials: water, snacks, wallet, phone, and your camera. And of course, this outfit is almost all black, which is my favorite.

Hiking Outfit

Casual Family Party – This outfit to me screams comfy, which is important with family parties. You want to be able to be comfortable and able to eat a lot of food with this outfit. The red sweater gives this outfit the holiday vibes, but the boots give it the edge that I love. This outfit is very casual, but appropriate for the family parties. In this outfit you can easily snuggle up and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate with some yummy cookies!

casual outfit

Dressy Holiday Party – Recently I went to my boyfriends holiday party and I wore an outfit similar to the one below. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures, but the dress was black instead of red. In keeping in with the Holiday vibes, red dresses can always be a safe bet with Holiday parties. I have been loving long sleeve wrap dresses because I think they can be so flattering on any body type. It can give curves who want them and can complement those who have curves. I paired this look with gold and black accessories. And to top this outfit off, I thought this look would go great with a long line tan coat. I really love this outfit.

Holiday Party 2015

Hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed the post!

Happy Holidays!


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