App Review: Spring – #GetSpring

Recently, I have been searching for a new store or website to shop from. I came across an app called Spring. This app is a great way to discover and shop for clothes and house wear items because the app features over 800+ brands.

This app is easy to navigate through because you can search through brands that you’d like to discover and you can see what is trending and popular. A way that I like to browse is through the “Brands” page and to search through the “Popular” filter. Searching through this way is a great way to find whatever you are looking for either it being a new blouse, a new pair of shoes, or even some new house wear items. After browsing through the app there were a few new brands that I discovered and am excited to see more of.

Here are my top 3 brands that I have newly discovered:

Broome & Mercer: This brand really caught my eye because I have been into simple designed watches. The watches with this brand have a classic design that go with any outfit to any occasion. I love the size of the faces of the watch and also that the faces are mostly black. I think that the color is very chic and modern.

Yumi Kim: The floral and bright design’s of Yumi Kim’s dresses caught my attention because I think that they are perfect for the summer and warm months. I think the cut and style of their dresses would be flattering on any shape. Also, I think that the dresses are super fun and are great for many different age types. Also, they have more simpler designed dresses that are great for many different types of occasions.

Shop.Beyonce.Com: One word. Beyonce. How can you not love and respect Beyonce? I came across this brand and thought, “Yes, I need this”. I love all of the items from this brand because they feature phrases and sayings from Beyonce. I think that these items are fun and can have an empowering message with each item that can get you through your day.

I really love this app because of the easiness to navigate the brands and the sleek, simple, and modern aesthetic design of Spring. I recommend you guys to download this app and #GetSpring if you want to discover and shop trendy brands. Hope you guys saw this review as helpful! Till next time! See ya!


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