Lookbook: Summer 2015

We are in the midst of summer and it is getting HOT! I thought I’d share some outfits that could get you through the summer heat while still looking good.

Casual Day Out: This outfit would be perfect for a day out with the bestie or a casual day date out to the county fair. The denim shorts give the outfit an instant casual vibe while piecing the look together with a flirty lacy tank top. To cover your self up from the sun you can pair the look with a red plaid shirt and when it gets too hot from the heat you can tie the shirt around your waist to give you a more effortlessly casual vibe. Also, to stay protected from the sun, I’ve added a cool wide brim hat and a pair of bad ass sunglasses. To stay comfy, I’ve added a pair a Nikes that are sure to keep your feet nice and happy. Also, to keep the outfit fun, I’ve added a fun French Fry bag… because why not?!

Day Date Outfit: This outfit would be a perfect out on a day date with your significant other. You can wear this to a museum or even to a theme park. The light and pleaded skirt gives the outfit a really girly feel while the rest of the outfit gives it its casual vibes. I paired the look with ultra casual pieces including a white short sleeved crop top, Converse Chuck Taylor’s, a cute back pack to hold all of your stuff. I added minimal accessories to draw the attention to skirt and it’s details. The outfit is so easy to wear on a day out and you will feel so light in breezy in it.

Summer Wedding Outfit: As we all know, Wedding Season is in full swing! I think pulling in trends from the summer into your wedding outfit is it cute way to keep your wedding outfits interesting and fun. Since I am still really into Tropical Print, I centered the outfit around a dress with the print. I paired the outfit with bronze and rose gold accessories and added a hint of turquoise to the outfit as well to give it more life. Also, for comfort for my feet I added strappy black wedges for edge and height.

Hope you enjoyed some of these outfit ideas! Till next time, see you!


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