Current Favorites: Music

Ever since I could remember, my taste in music is constantly changing. In a day, I can go from listening the best of the oldies to alternative rock to slow jams to electronic. I love music and love how you can match the music that your listening to how you feel. I grew up with a wide range of music, but mostly classic rock because of my dad and The Beatles because of my mom. Also, growing up I played the alto saxophone and the baritone saxophone and I played in the Jazz Band at my high school. This experience exposed me even more to jazz and classic music. I loved it. My taste in music changes every day and open to most music, even on rare occasions, country. I thought that today I would share with you 5 bands or artist that I am currently into. Enjoy!

Body Language 

I recently found out about Body Language through a radio station I was listening to on Spotify. I love their sound. The music that Body Language produces and creates sounds so airy and light to me, but still has a heavy and strong beat to it. Even though they are heavily electronic, to me it still sounds very organic. I love listening to Body Language when I want to rock out to music without the heavy sounds and screaming. Also, their music is really sexy to me… if that makes sense. haha.

Fitz and The Tantrums

Fitz and The Tantrums are so awesome! I also found this band through a radio station on Spotify… maybe the same one as Body Language. Fitz and The Tantrums’ sounds are mix of modern blues and soul mixed with alternative rock. It’s an amazing sound. The music is good road trip music I must say. When my boyfriend and I head out to the desert, I love listening to this because it keeps you moving and awake. All of their songs make you want to snap and sing along to. I’m so happy I found out about this band.

Foster the People

Growing up, I was into alternative rock like Incubus and No Doubt ( I still am), but I think a lot of the music that I like now stems from listening to music like that. Foster the People is a  great example of this. I think their sound is a bit more grown up and appropriate for more age, but still ties into the alternative rock genre. I don’t know how to explain it well, but their sound to me sounds so hallow (in a good way), but full at the same time. I love the guitar and pianos with this band. The mix of everything together just sounds so good and I love listening to them when I am doing boring work or on long drives home from work.

Demi Lovato

I’ve always really liked Demi Lovato’s music, but this song… THIS SONG IS SO AMAZING! and catchy! It really is a good song for summer. I love singing this in the car and rocking out to with the AC high swinging my hair back and forth… I’ll be honest, I feel like a bad ass singing to this song. Also, Demi can really sing unlike some other ex-disney stars and I think she has talent.

Kenny Loggins

Yes, Kenny FREAKIN’ Loggins… “Paging Dr. Loggins…” (Archer) CAUSE YOU’RE IN THE DANGER ZONE! Sorry, I had to. This song is so awesome and his music is so freakin’ awesome! Whenever I’m working out or running, I have to listen to some Kenny Loggins. His music it just so pumped up and full of energy. Also, this is great music to listen to if you want to sing loud and let loose… footloose… 🙂 It’s just great rock music from the 80’s and its amazing. Deal with it.


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