2015 Met Gala | My Perspective

This past week, celebrities and fashionistas celebrated the looks of the Met Gala for this year. The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institution in New York City. The Gala is known for celebrities to wear over the top gowns and costume like outfits to the event. The more over the top, the better… sometimes. This year’s theme was China: Through the Looking Glass. As expected, there were many Asian inspired outfits that were done right and some not so much. In the post, I’ll go over some of my favorite looks from the event and some that I really didn’t care for. I hope you enjoy it!

Favorite Looks


One of my favorite looks was the Carolina Herrera white dress that Zhang Ziyi wore. I think that this dress fit the theme so perfectly, but wasn’t  way over the top or too literal. Also, I think the high neck and the full bottom give the look just the right amount of drama that the night called for. My second favorite look of the night was Kate Hudson in Michael Kors. She looked so amazing in this dress. The high neck line give the dress an Asian flare along with the bejeweled hair clip that she wore. The dress fit her like a glove and all of the right accessories pulled the look all together. Another favorite look of mine was the Calvin Klein, deep plunging, dress that Rose Byrne wore. Red was the color for the night. A lot of women wore the color because in China, red means good luck or good fortune. The dress that Rose Byrne wore fit the theme perfectly with the color and the style and cut of the dress. The dress reminded me of old Hollywood in China with her hair and the accessories that she wore. It was perfect! Another look in red that I loved was Helen Mirren’s Dolce and Gabbana dress. Helen Mirren really knows how to dress and compliment her body without looking like she’s trying hard. It looks like an effortless look, but it works with the theme with the laser cut outs. It’s very subtle, but works amazingly. The last look that I loved was Janelle Monae’s custom H&M two piece ensemble. The whole look was so gorgeous. I think it looks very Asian inspired, but was brought to the modern day with the sleek lines, the color, and her accessories and hair style. The look is very her, but keeps in tune with the theme. Simply amazing.

Worst Looks


All the women shown above, I respect and adore, but the looks they brought for the Met Gala, were boring, unflattering, and not a good fit for the night’s theme. One of the looks that I liked the least was Olivia Wilde’s Prada dress. I don’t see how this dress fit the theme at all. The dress it self is pretty, just without of the jewels, the gloves, the head band, and the bag. Just lose all of the ugly accessories and it’d be a nice dress. Another look that I did not understand was Katy Perry in Moschino. I don’t get it! This outfit has nothing to do with the theme! I usually love her looks, but this one didn’t fit the occasion at all. She could have gone in something way over the top that tie into the theme, but she didn’t. I was disappointed as to what she was wearing that night. Alicia Keys was another disappointing look from the other night. Her Jean Paul Gaultier dress was just a miss for me. The blazer to me looked frumpy and out of place. Maybe if she lost it, it would have been a better look. Sofia Vergara looked gorgeous that night, along with everyone else, but she looked like she was going to the Emmy’s or the Golden Globes, not the Met Gala. The Marchesa dress was amazing and beautifully made, but I think it was the wrong dress to wear to this type of event. She just seemed out of place. The last look that I didn’t care for was Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney. Yeah, the fake tattoos look pretty cool, but the actual outfit did not have the wow factor that this event was calling for.

Honorary Mentions: Worst Looks


I thought I’d some honorary mentions for some looks that I thought were not so great for the occasion, but not enough to make my final list. First Solange Knowles in an interesting dress by Giles. I didn’t get it… but since we all knew it was bad, I didn’t add it to my Worst Looks list. Kris Jenner in Balmain was very 80’s and not in a good way. As others put it, she looked like an Asian 80’s villain. It didn’t work and it looked so dated. Anne Hathaway’s Ralph Lauren dress did not fit the event either. She looked like she was straight out of a Star Wars movie, which usually would be a compliment, but not for this occasion. The hood for me killed the look and looked out of place.

Favorite Looks: Honorary Mentions 


First off, Beyonce is queen! But her Givenchy gown fell short for me… only because I didn’t see how it tied into the theme… at all! She looked amazingly sexy and beautiful, but this look didn’t go with the theme! I can see how this gown would have been a perfect for this event, but not for the theme. Emily Blunt’s Prada’s dress was done right, compared to Olivia Wilde’s dress. This look is so beautiful and so regal, but I felt like the color might had been a wrong fit for the dress. Maybe it had a pop of more color, this look might have been one of my favorite of the night. Kim Kardashian’s Roberto Cavailli’s gown was straight up gorgeous, but just like Beyonce, I don’t see how it ties into the theme! Gorgeous nonetheless!

I hope you enjoyed this long post! These are just my thoughts, but of course everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. What do you think of my likes and dislikes? Let me know! Till next time, see ya!


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