Celebrity Style Focus: Hilary Duff

I’ve started to follow Hilary Duff on instagram and I have been loving her style lately! I’ve always liked Hilary Duff and thought that she was a great role model for young girls. I know that she went through a really skinny phase, but I think that she has learned to love her body and she knows how to dress her body and her shape. There are 3 styles that I wanted to focus on that she totally rocks: Ultra Casual, Glam, and  Relaxed. With each of these styles, she always adds her own flare to each type of style.

Ultra Causal: I love the way that Hilary Duff mixes casual style with edgier pieces. I always see her mixes these two elements together. In the outfit show below, she is wearing comfortable gym clothes but adding a an edgy touch by tying the plaid shirt around her waist and adding a leather jacket. The way she does is so effortless.


Glam: Recently, Hilary has dyed her hair a blue/green color and I think it totally works for her. I love that she is integrating her edgy hair to her more glam looks. Hilary really knows how to dress her body, especially when it comes to dresses. She knows what shapes work with her body type and it makes her look great everytime. Since I am a lover of the color black, the outfit shown below is one of my favorite looks. But the fact that this dress cinches her at the waist and highlights her legs, it compliments her body so well.


Relaxed: This look has to be one of my favorite looks on her. Hilary Duff does the relaxed look so well. She knows how to use her accessories very well.  It’s never too much or over the top, it’s just right. The balance of the loose and oversized scarf and the structured boot and great together. Also, I love the glasses because it gives the look a great casual yet put together vibe.


Hilary Duff’s style is so amazing, whether its super casual or ultra glam, its always very stylish. Hope you enjoyed this post! See ya!


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