Celebrity Style Focus: Katy Perry

I thought I’d make a new segment in my blog that focuses on Celebrity fashion and which celeb’s styles are really on point for me! It will either be on recreating looks or focusing on their fashion sense. Enjoy!

Today, I will be focusing on Katy Perry’s unique and distinctive style. I’ve always loved and enjoyed Katy Perry’s fun and funky style. I also appreciate that her style is always evolving and changing. Yes, she goes through her phases, but what I love about it is that commits to those styles and goes all the way. Also, one thing I’ve I noticed about her sense of style is that she really does wear her emotions through her clothes, which I think is great because expressing how you feel through how your dress is a great stress reliever.

I will be focusing on three distinct styles that I’ve noticed that Katy Perry dresses in: floral, gothic, and fun!

Floral: Katy Perry loves to wear floral printed dresses when she is seen out in a casual occasion. She likes to keep her outfits relaxed and flowy and with long dresses or skirts. I really love this outfit because the dress has a vintage vibe to it with the way it is cut and the mix of floral patterns. The bag and the pop of red of the shoes bring give the outfit a modern twist to it and brings the whole outfit together.


Gothic:  For a while after her divorce to Russell Brand, Katy Perry went through a sort of “Gothic” phase of how she dressed. I understand that going trough any sort of break up is hard and I loved that Katy Perry literally wore her heart on her sleeve while going through this process and expressing her self through how she dressed. Despite what she was going through, she looked amazing and I think her best. I absolutely loved her outfits through her Gothic phase. I personally love all black outfits and would personally wear all black all day, every day if I could. In the outfit shown below, the whole combination of the purple hair and the red dark lip were just amazing. I liked that it wasn’t your “typical” gothic look with creepers and spikes and what not, but a more sophisticated gothic look that concentrated on highlighting and complimenting her body. Also, I loved that she played with different fabrics with the color black to keep her outfits interesting.


Fun: No matter how Katy Perry dresses, she commits to her outfits and goes all the way. Katy Perry has fun dressing up which I think is amazing because fashion shouldn’t be taken so seriously, yet it should be an avenue where you could express yourself, truly and fully. I like that during award shows, she goes way over the top with her outfits but still being unique to her self and her sense of style. I’ve notice that at award shows she loves to wear bright colors and fun prints. Her dresses are always so amazingly sweet and so much fun to gawk at. Also, Katy Perry knows what styles and shapes work with her body and she’s not afraid to show off her curves and play them up. Even though sometimes she does wear some, what some would say, questionable outfits she always plays up her features and assets and looks great doing so.


Katy Perry’s sense of style is filled with bring colors, emotions, and fun prints. Her sense of style is a great example that you shouldn’t care of what others think of what you’re wearing and all that matters is that you know you look damn good in your outfit. Her outfits are the epitome of fun and dressing to your emotions and what you’re feeling, which I think is the most important.

I hope you enjoyed this post! see ya!


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Style Focus: Katy Perry

  1. Peter Uliani March 14, 2015 / 7:07 am

    And not to forget the carousel dress and the “cheese” dress she used in MTV Europe Music Awards 2008!

    • jajajajajasmine March 14, 2015 / 4:23 pm

      Yes! completely agree! I love all of her fun dresses!

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