Beauty Essentials: Camping Edition

I thought I’d share with you my top 10 beauty essentials for a camping trip. In the next two weekends I will be on two camping trips. This weekend I will be in Anza Borrego  and the next weekend I will be in Death Valley. These are just some of the top essentials to staying fresh and fresh looking! Enjoy!


  1. Face Wipes: Face wipe are essential especially when you are camping in site where there is no running water. I think face wipes are great to remove dirt or oils from your face. Getting face wipes that are gentle on the face is great so that they won’t irritate your skin.
  2. Feminine Wipes: Especially if you are a girl, femme wipes are essential! When you’re staying at a site that has no toilet or no running water, staying fresh down there is great to keep away bacteria! It’s both hygienic and functional!
  3. Tinted Moisturizer: I think having a tinted moisturizer with SPF is a great way to minimize redness or discoloration on your face, but still looking natural!
  4. Tinted Lip Balm: Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips moisturized and having a slight red tint can give your lips a a bit of life as well!
  5. Sunscreen: This is essential to protect your skin from the sun! Getting a sunscreen that is waterproof is also great for when you’re having fun in the sun in water!
  6. Hand Sanitizer: This is practical and essential for having no water at the camp site! If you want to keep clean, hand sanitizer is essential. Also, I think this is essential in everyday life. haha
  7. Bug Spray: Keeping bugs away can be a pain, but if you have a great bug spray it can keep the bugs at bay. Also, it’s great if you can get a bug spray with SPF as well.
  8. Mascara: If you want to kind of keep up your beauty routine, I think that at least doing your mascara can make you look more put together, easily. Getting  a travel sized mascara would be ideal.
  9. Deodorant: If you don’t want smell, get the deodorant! lol That is all! haha.
  10. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo can help get rid of the the excessive oils in your head and give your hair some volume as well. I have really oily hair and I think a product like this would help because even after a day of not showering, my hair is so oily. So instead of looking like an oily mess, I can use this product to look more put together.

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