Work Wear Essentials: Revamped for 2014

    Hola everyone. It’s been a while! I wanted to go over some essential work wear pieces that I think that every working girl should have in her wardrobe, but with a twist. These might be pieces that you already have, but I wanted to show it in a more modern way and with different textures and prints that can bring it to the modern day. Hopefully this post can give you ideas to put your own spin on each piece.

 tumblr_naoxv2ogAV1qzk2k3o1_500 (1)


Pencil Skirts – I absolutely love pencil skirts. They give all girls, no matter what size, a flattering womanly shape. Having a plain black pencil skirt is a must, but I also think having it in a fun color and texture can bring any plain work outfit back to life. I really like this skirt shown above. The wine color is perfect because it’s not too bright but brings a bit of color to any boring outfit. I also really like the lace detail. And because it’s not an over powering color, the combination of the color and print make it work appropriate. 


Dress – Having a dress to wear to work is just a must. I really hate wearing pants in general and I would always pick dresses over pants…. fareal. In every girls wardrobe, I think you should have at least one work appropriate work dress. I think that bringing the dress down past your knees and closer to your body can give you a more retro look, but if you keep it simple and bring you back to the modern day. The type of dress shown about is extremely flattering. And especially if you are uncomfortable with your legs and/or arms, this type of dress is perfect for you. Even bringing the sleeves down to your elbows would be flattering as well. 



Heels – Whether you like wearing heels or not, I think having at least one pair is essential in every girls closet. With having your basic black pump, having a pair of minimal of heeled sandals a nice twist to the average pair of heels. These type of heels can easily make your feet look slender. Especially with the ankle strap, these shoes are really easy to walk in.




Collared Shirts – Adding a fun print to a plain collared shirt can jazz up any outfit. As of right now I’m really into wearing tropical print. I think just wearing this print can make you think your on vacation and just put you into a better mood. This outfit is a lot more flamboyant than your average work outfit, which is why I paired it simpler pieces. And especially if you tuck in the shirt into the skirt, it makes the print of the shirt not so loud. With the colors and print of this shirt, it really puts a nice spin to your average collared shirt. 


Trousers – Even though I hate wearing pants, having a pair of work trousers is essential for any work place. But instead of having your basic plain black slacks, adding a neutral print and changing the style of the print can make your trousers your center piece item. Changing your trousers to a cigarette style can bring your pants to a modern time. I really love the style of these pants. When you pair these pants with a cute pair of flats and  when the trousers graze your ankles, it’s super cute! it gives you a sort of tomboyish look, but it works! You can wear these type of outfits when you feel a bit lazy, but still want to look put together. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope this gave you some inspiration to jazz up your work outfits! 


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