Top 10 Fashion Travel Essentials 2014: United Kingdom Edition

Hello there! Since I am about to jet off to the UK soon, I thought I’d share what I think my top 10 fashion essentials will be when I’m across the pond. I wanted to be as fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


  1. Thick Coat: I think having a thick coat for the nights in London will be essential to keep you warm on chilly nights, while still looking fashion forward and edgy. I am planning on bringing a coat similar to the one shown above. My coat is from Forever 21 and I got on sale. It pretty much looks the same as the coat above. It has pleather sleeves, silver hardware, and is a made of a thick wool material. I think this coat will look so nice during the day and so edgy at night over a dainty dress.
  2. Dress: Having a nice dress to either dress down for the day or dress up for the night will come in handy especially if you’re staying the city. I plan on bringing a lot of dresses for my trip because how versatile they can be, with either wearing them in the day or at night. I also think that dresses are a lot more comfortable to wear than jeans especially when you pair them with tights. And I think wearing dresses while traveling is a nice change rather than the normal jeans and t-shirt look.
  3. Sneakers/ Tennis Shoes: Bringing a pair of chucks or nikes or whatever tennis shoes you prefer will be a life saver when end up walking the whole city and your feet will thank you. I will be bringing a pair of white chucks with me on my trip. I think these shoes go with any outfit, even with dresses. Even though these aren’t the greatest when it rains, they’re are still cute and comfortable.
  4. Jeans: As much as I hate wearing jeans, I still wear them and I still think they are essential while traveling. Jeans are essential because they are so easy to wear and to style. When you get durable and comfortable jeans, it’s always a win.
  5. Chunky Heels: I know that chunky heels are on their way out and minimal, skinny heels are on trend, but I walk better with a chunky heel haha. As much as I love the minimalist heel, I really cannot walk in them… especially if it is on cobble streets and sidewalks. On my trip, I am planning on bringing my pair of trusty black Jeffery Campbell Litas. These shoes can be so comfortable for me and easy to walk in. And plus, they go with near damn everything. I love them.
  6. Umbrella: Being that I’m going to the UK, rain is inevitable. So because of that, I will be bringing a small umbrella with me while I am out and about in the city. I am bringing an umbrella that is small and compact and that can fit in my purse. And since I would be carrying around the umbrella, I thought I’d make it fun by having it have a fun design like mine with a colorful hounds tooth print or like the one shown above with a funny quote.
  7. T-Shirts or Tank Tops: Bringing casual elements to your wardrobe on your trip can make for a relaxing experience.  I think having these essential items of tees and tanks can be good so that you can layer up with cardigans and coats. I think having fun shirts as a base can set off a casual yet, fashionable look. Also, think about bringing light tops and tops that can breathe because one thing I hate is overheating and sweating like a mad woman.
  8. Sunglasses: Even though the UK isn’t known for it’s sunny weather, the sun will still come out at some point. On any trip, you always want to protect your eyes from the UV Rays. So I suggest investing in a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes. I will be bringing my prescription pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses. They have a UV Filter on them so their great for under the sun.
  9. Bag: I will be bringing a bag similar to the one shown above. I like cross body bags because they are hassle free. Also, whenever I am looking for a bag, I like bags with compartments where I can keep things separate and that lay flat against the body. The one that I will be bringing has 3 compartments, but it small and compact which is perfect while moving around London.
  10. Watch: Wearing a watch is an essential as old as time (haha!) It helps to wear a watch because you won’t always have to be rustling through your purse to find your phone to know the time. I will be bringing my Daniel Wellington watch that my lovely boyfriend gave to me. This watch is just so perfect and goes with everything. Also, it has a very sophisticated feel to it, and which I love pairing it with more edgier outfits. I did a review on this watch, if you haven;t done so, check it out! 🙂

I hope this helped out anyone else who is planning to travel. I think that having a fun wardrobe while traveling can make for a more memorable trip rather than wearing boring clothes. And I figured, while I’m in Europe, might as well look cute while I am there! I will for sure update this blog about my trip and adventures in the United Kingdom.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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