Top 3 Rainy Day Essentials: 2014

Hello! Since it rained here in Southern California this past weekend, I thought I’d do a quick post on the top 3 essential fashion items for a rainy day. Of course I am excluding the top essential, an umbrella, that’s just a given. Also, in this post, I styled 3 outfits to go with the essentials. Mind you, it’s not as cold here in Southern California compared to the rest of the country, so if you do want to use these ideas for an outfit, layer up or layer down depending on the weather in your area. Let’s get started!

  • Boots: I think having a good pair of knee high boots are a must for a rainy day. They keep the rain out of your foot and ankle area, especially if you accidentally walk into a puddle, and they keep your leg area dry, for the most part. Especially if it’s really heavy rain and the wind is blowing really hard your leg area can get drenched and boots can help prevent that. And nobody like wet jeans. I love these boots that are pictured below. The laces of the boots give the outfit a more casual feel along with the cropped sweater and jeans. Since this outfit doesn’t give much coverage on the top, I thought I’d add the umbrella as well.


  • Coat: Having a good coat can be a great item for a day in the rain, especially if it’s water resistant. This coat can come in handy especially if you are going to a nice event and don’t want to get your dress soaked in rain. Also, having a nice tailored jacket can turn any outfit into a sophisticated one. The outfit shown below can be worn to a nice dinner  with different shoes or even to work. Also, I like this coat below because it has an a-line shape to it. This shape helps embrace the natural curves of your body and helps shows it off as well.


  • Hat: Having a hat can be a life saver if your umbrella breaks or if you’re having a bad hair day. Having a wide brimmed hat can shield away the rain from your face and still give you an effortless, casual, chic look… Functionality + Fashionable = WIN! I think investing in a wool hat would be best to keep the rain from getting it soaked and it can better hold it’s shape. The outfit below is a really cozy and casual look for a day out to get brunch or for a coffee date. The hat adds a sense of edginess and chicness to the outfit while still being really laid back.




I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I hope it came in handy! Till next time. See ya!


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