Review: Zara Office City Bag

This post is going to be on my long awaited 2 part review on the gracious birthday/anniversary presents my boyfriend gave me. This is going to be on my lovely Office City Bag by Zara.


I have been lusting over this bag for quite some time now. I first saw it from a few UK Youtbers that I follow and instantly fell in love. For a good while, I was really into big bags and then I moved to small satchel bags and recently wanted big bags again. I’m not too fussy when it comes it purses, but I like them simple with not too many accessories on them. When I saw this bag, I knew I had to get it. The design of this bag is so simple, yet elegant and practical.  I was given this bag by my lovely boyfriend, Wesley, while we were in Vegas. We saw a Zara and I wanted to check it out.I knew that Zara had taken down this purse on their website for a while, so I had zero expectations of finding it at the store. But once I walked in, I saw it and was shocked! I was going to buy it, but my boyfriend offered to pay for it as part of my anniversary present, which I was so grateful for. I was way too happy, which was the polar opposite of how I was actually feeling since I had a terrible eye infection, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

IMG_7285 IMG_7286 The bag has 5 sections within it. Which is great for keeping things organized and hidden. I mostly got this bag for traveling purposes and work. The middle compartment comes padded and great for storing your laptop or iPad. There is also a place to put your phone, wallet, and other valuables in a nice neat compartment. I use this bag currently for work and even though I wished my commute was longer so that I could bring more stuff to keep myself entertained, it still works out. I store my extra gym clothes and gym accessories in one of the compartments and the great thing is that the bag doesn’t get bulky. The quality of this bag is great too. The zippers run smoothly, and besides that thread hanging out (which is nothing serious), this bag lining of the bag is great quality too. Also, what I like about this bag is that it’s light weight. You would think that a bag this size would be initially heavy, but it’s not. The Office City Bag is a very timeless piece and goes with any outfit, either it being casual or dressed up, even though I think it might be a bit big for a dressed up outfit. It can smarten up a lot of casual outfits, for sure.

This bag is everything that I have been wanting in a bag for a good while. I love everything about it, from the rose gold details to the red wine interior, to the practicality of all it’s compartments.  Even though this bag can seem a bit overrated, I highly recommend it and it’s totally worth the hype.

Here are some of my favorite Fashion Bloggers rocking the bag in a few outfit post:

Sammi // BeautyCrush 

 Patricia // Patricia Bright aka BritPopPrincess

 Shu //ShuLikeClothes 

And yes, they’re all UK Bloggers. My favorite!! 🙂

If you want to check out the specifications of the bag, click here.

Thank you Wesley for wonderful presents! 🙂


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