Review: Daniel Wellington Watch- Classic Sheffield Lady

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For my birthday/anniversary, my boyfriend Wesley spoiled me with two very generous gifts. The first one was this Daniel Wellington Watch that he gave me while we celebrated out Birthdays and Anniversary in Las Vegas last weekend. I was very surprised when he gave me this watch because he was extremely opposed to giving me this because of some negative reviews he had read. But, I didn’t care. I really wanted it and I was so surprised when I opened this present.

I remember seeing this watch from the UK YouTuber, BeautyCrush, and I absolutely fell in love with this watch. I have been looking for watch just like this. I have another watch that my boyfriend gave me, which I still adore, but I wanted something different. My other watch is a Rose Gold Fossil Watch, which is still in great condition and that I still love, I just wanted something different.

This Daniel Wellington watch was exactly what I was looking for. I love how simple, yet sophisticated this watch is. And I also love that the details of this watch is not just gold, but rose gold so, it doesn’t look as harsh. This watch goes with all my outfits, either it being casual or dressed up. I also think that watch is a classic watch and will not go out of style for the long run. One downside that I am afraid of is that the band is going to wear out soon. I can already see the lines of wear that appearing on the strap. But it’s ok, I can also replace the strap.

I really adore this watch and the simplicity of it. It is such a classic watch that can go with pretty much any outfit for any occasion. If it weren’t for my boyfriend to give this to me as a present, I would have eventually bought it for myself. I think it’s a great investment piece that will stand the test of time.

If you want to check out the specifications of the watch, you can click here.

Thank you for reading! Till next time! 🙂


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