Mini Haul: 09/01/2013

Aloha! I know I’ve been starting off each post the same, but I am sorry about the lack of post here! 😦 I just haven’t really been feeling inspired lately! But, hopefully this haul will be a good push to start blogging more again.

I thought I’d a quick haul with stuff that I have recently picked up. Enjoy! Warning: The majority of my stuff hails from Forever 21! : 3


So to start off, I bought this beautiful maxi dress from Forever 21 for an upcoming wedding. I thought it was perfect since it’ll be outdoors and I’m assuming it’ll be warm since it’s warm now… not warm… HOT & HUMID. I really hate this So Cal weather right now… but that’s besides the point. Anyways, I love how this dress fits on me. I was a bit hesitant with the sizing since I’m short, but it worked out perfectly. I bought a medium, I usually wear a large, but I figured the layering would hide my lumps and bumps and it does! It is a bit long, but I figure I’ll just wear my litas or other heels with this dress.


P.S. This is my Carrie Bradshaw dress. Haha, I kinda been looking for a dress like this for the longest time ever since I saw the second movie. (Below) As bad as it was, the fashion was just amazing. It’s my guilty pleasure for sure.



This skirt is also from Forever 21. It’s very similar to the dress above, but it’s the skirt version. It has the pleating and the same color. I had a skirt similar to this, but it got ruined with a few runs and some oil stains that just wouldn’t budge. This skirt is just so beautiful on. It hugs my waist at the right spot. It’s pretty long for a midi skirt because of my small height, but it hits me right at the ankles, which i love. I wore this to work and got a lot of compliments. It’s so easy to dress this up or down. I’m so happy with this skirt 🙂

IMG_6739 IMG_6743

This skirt is also from Forever 21. I thought it would be a perfect transition skirt from summer to fall because of the warm colors. It has the peplum design to it which is great for hiding a tummy. It is a little shorter than what I had expected, but once the colder months roll around I think it’ll be perfect for the office with some black opaque tights. I think pairing this with a plain top and minimal accessories would look so chic and cute for the office.

IMG_6744 IMG_6745

So this is my second black blazer. My other blazer is more for interviews and professional purposes, this one is more relaxed fitting and just to wear whenever. I love the detail of the inner sleeves when you roll them up. I thought this would be a great addition to any outfit that you want to make look more put together or more dressed up. Also, it’s a pretty comfortable blazer as well. This would be perfect with a graphic tee, a pair of jeans, and my white converse.


Yes, I bought a lot of skirts, I know. I’m aware. haha. This one also hails from the land of being 21 forever. This skirt really grabbed my attention because of the baroque detail and the colors. I really love this type of blue and the fact that it’s against white and not black made it that much better. I wore this to work as well and a lot of people complimented me as well. This skirt is just amazing. Also, the fact that it’s a bit thicker than the normal jersey/cotton pencil skirts, it hides your tummy so well too!

IMG_6748 IMG_6749

This cardigan is sooooo cute. Super slouchy and super casual to wear to pretty much anywhere.  It has a bat winged detail and is super long, which I love! I got this to replace an old black cardigan I had a while ago and this was perfect. I think it’s a good dupe to the American Apparel shawl cardigan, but of course it’s not as slouchy or long, but it’s good enough especially because it’s a fraction of the AA price 😉


I’m really in love with this skater style dress I got from Forever 21. It really is super flattering on my body and hugs me at all the right places. On the website it looked a little bit thicker material but it came as a jersey/cotton type of material, which I was a little disappointed about, but it worked out. I think this dress is very timeless because of the style and design of the dress. Lovee!

IMG_6752 IMG_6753

I got these cute boat shoes from Old Navy for about $12. Steal! I really need a casual pair of shoes that weren’t converse or vans, so I opted for these! I’ve been wanting a pair of boat shoes, but I didn’t want to pay a lot or I didn’t want it to have unnecessary accessories glued onto it. That’s why I just had to buy these once I saw them. I think these would be perfect to wear to work or out and about running errands.


So for the crème de la crème  of my purchases, I bought these beautiful and practical and affordable shoes from Steve Madden. I usually go into the store just to look around and never buy because I can never afford any of their shoes, but I saw these and instantly fell in love. They follow the “sandal” trend that has taken over all fashion blogs and videos, but what I love about these is they are wedges! Low wedges at that! And they have such a stunning buckle detail to it and a great color combination! And the price was soooo hard to beat… $49.95. ON CLEARANCE. I had to buy these! They are called the Nanncy. I wear them to work mostly and they are soooooo comfortable. This has to be one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I’m so in love! 🙂  I think this might be my first “brand name” shoe purchase ever! Uh-oh, I’m addicted! haha My wallet will be hurting…. OH WELL.

IMG_6756 IMG_6757 IMG_6758 IMG_6759

You made it to the end! Yay! Thank you for reading and looking! Till next time. See ya.


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