America’s Birthday

I’m a bit late on my 4th of July post, I know. But whateves.

I spent 4th of July at my cities local park and spent it with my sister, cousin, parents, and my boyfriend. We celebrated America’s birthday, with food, music, and face paintings! It was so much fun! I decided not to really care and got my face painted with an obnoxious patriotic painting! Ahh, it was a lot of fun. I was a bit sad though because I had work the next day, but you gotta make that money!

945336_10151698054079941_366229389_n 1013975_10101690302856354_735284917_n 1005284_10101690303205654_1528768122_n 1011427_10101690302412244_1643912422_n 1001509_10101690343544814_677733163_n


4th of July was especially special because I got to spend it my sister and cousin who I don’t get to see regularly. The next time will be together is in a few weeks when we are all in San Francisco together! I’m too excited!

Till next time, see ya!


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