Wish List: ModCloth

Hey all! I’ve been recently wanting to start shopping at a different online shop for a while and I thought ModCloth would be a great change from Forever 21 and H&M, even though I still love those stores. ModCloth is is a bit more expensive than the other stores, but their style is a bit more playful and retro at the same time. I love it! Because the prices are a little steep, here’s a wish list of items that will hopefully find it’s way into my closet!


tumblr_mmtmch0E1z1qzk2k3o1_1280 (1)

  1. Back into Action Dress // $49.00 $34.99 
  2. Awe in Auburn Dress // $55.00 $38.00
  3. Now and Denim Dress // $54.99 $38.00 
  4. Center Of Unconventional Dress // $74.99 $51.99 
  5. Gardenia Getaway One Piece // $89.00
  6. Lakehouse of Style Blouse // $42.99 $29.99
  7. A O-Sway Skirt in Being Green // $37.99 
  8. Every Walking Moment Wedge in Khaki // $32.99
  9. Chrome Alone Wedge // $49.99 
  10. Black Currant Scones Heel // $49.99

I want them all so badly!!!! Hoped you enjoyed the post!



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