Random Haul: Bed Bath & Beyond, Goodwill, Daiso, Kohl’s

Hola everyone! Today I had a few errands to run and I thought I’d share what I got with you! I must say though, this is going to be really random, so brace ya self!

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond- I stopped by the store because I was on a hunt to find a drying rack for all my sweaters and other things that I didn’t weird creases on. I found this drying rack there for $10! and plus I had a 20% off coupon! So happy and excited to use this!

Polder: Countertop Drying Rack

Image     2. Goodwill- I had to stop by Goodwill to drop off about 3 bags worth of clothes, a bag worth of my mom’s shoes, and a pair of knee high boots I have only worn twice. My boyfriend and I decided to have a quick look around, which turned into about an hour haha, as always! I had a few shirts that I was going to buy but I decided not too because I wasn’t in love with them. I ended up going into the shoe department and looked around. I’m always hesitant to buy shoes from Goodwill because I mean c’mon, they were on someone else’s feet… FEET! But I’m getting over it. I’ll only pick up shoes that look like they haven’t worn tooooo much… and plus, I have Lysol, so I just spray the ba-jesus out of it. So I ended up picking up two pairs of heels that were in great condition!

Zoe & Zac: Penny Loafer Heels

Ok, so I know that these shoes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them! My boyfriend isn’t a big fan, but oh well! haha. I think that they are going to be perfect for work! They aren’t too hight and they aren’t slutty at all, I mean c’mon, they’re penny loafers! They are so comfy! I can walk in these all day. I think they are originally from Payless and it looks like it was directly donated from the store because they don’t look worn at all, which is amazing! I love these and I’m so excited to wear them! They were $14! A little pricey for Goodwill, but I mean, they haven’t been worn yet, so to me it kind of justifies the price.

Deena & Ozzy: Black Suede Platform Chunky Heels


Deena and Ozzy Heels! Yes, the one’s from Urban Outfitters. I must say, I was very excited to see these at my local Goodwill. Yes, they are a bit beat up, but not to the point where it’s extremely noticeable. I didn’t look like they were worn into too much, just to the point where they were broken in to. I love it! Again, I’m excited to where these to work! I Lysol-ed these like crazy because they were worn before and because they were a bit used. But I’m just so happy to find these! And yes, I will remove the padding on the back on the shoe… don’t worry haha!

     3. Diaso- They recently opened a local Daiso! I love that everything there is pretty much $1.50. If you have never heard of Daiso, it is the $1 store equivalent from Japan! It has only Japanese items. I love that they have such unique items and funny things too. They something for everything and everyone. I first heard of Daiso from Youtube Beauty Guru ItsJudyTime. Her and her husband would always go there in their vlogs and I got so curious! Here are some of the items I got!







      4. Kohls- I decided to stop by my old work and was on the search for a new pair of Jeans! I picked up a pair of Levi’s Leggings. I love these because they sit above the hips and they graze my ankles! They’re so cute… and yes, I am a size 11 in these… DEAL WITH IT. haha.


Hope you enjoyed my random haul! Till next time, see ya!


One thought on “Random Haul: Bed Bath & Beyond, Goodwill, Daiso, Kohl’s

  1. Olga K'ay - water.color.silk April 28, 2013 / 6:26 am

    LOVE that drying rack! It looks so well thought through. And the shoes! And all the little japanese goodies! Looks like you were very lucky with your purchases lately!

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