Outfit of the Day: Casual Work Day

Hello there! I thought I’d do a quick outfit of the day. The office that I work at is very casual… I mean… really, extremely casual… like casual enough to wear sweatshirts and sweats to work… and that’s a Monday! Imagine Friday’s at my office! Haha. Anyways. I’m trying to put effort into my outfits and trying to dress up more than others at work. Well, here’s my attempt. Mind you, this is pretty casual for most places, but at my office, this is pretty dressed up. Haha. Enjoy!


Outfit Details: (Warning: This outfit contains a lof of H&M items… AGAIN haha)

Shirt: White Sleeveless Chiffon Button Down from H&M

Outerwear: Basic Black Blazer from H&M

Pants: Maroon Pants from…. where else… H&M

Shoes: Leopard Print Loafers from Kohl’s

Accessories: Black “Doctor’s” Bag from Target & Rose Gold Fossil Watch from Wesley:)

Hope you enjoyed. Hopefully this will give me more motivation to dress up more at work. :)


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