Valentine’s Day 2013 Outfit Ideas

Hey there!! Since Valentine’s Day is coming up upon us, I thought I’d put up some outfit ideas for different Valentine’s Day situations. For all of the outfits I wanted to color red to be the main focus. I hope you enjoy this post!

  1. Casual Outfit: 

This outfit is perfect for those girls who are going out for lunch or coffee with their dates or a nice outing with the girls. I thought the slouchiness of the sweater and the white converse gave the look a very casual feel which are perfect for day outings. Though the majority of the outfit is very casual, I thought the structured bag and the leather watch gave it a good balance of sophistication.


2. Casual Date Night Outfit: 

This outfit is perfect for a causal night out. You can wear this outfit for a casual dinner or bar night out with your partner. Of course if you want to make it more dressed up, you can swap the flats for some neutral heels. I love this outfit because it gives a great contrast of soft and hard with the chiffon red blouse and the army jacket with the leather sleeves. It’s still really cute but with an added touch of edge.


3. Date Night Outfit: 

This is the outfit for those fancy dinner nights with your Valentine! I thought that this dress is a flattering dress for many different body types but still shows off your figure. It’s a very simple outfit with black and gold accessories  but it does a great job highlighting you and your body with this dress. I love this dress also because of the darting down the sides of the dress which emphasis your body’s curves. This outfit is very flirty and perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  By the way, Happy 50th Post! : )


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