Monthly Favorites: December 2012


I know I always say this in post, but I really can not believe how fast time is going. I’m really sorry for neglecting this blog for a little bit, but I recently started a new full tim temporary position which takes up the whole day! So its hard for me to get time to post up here as much as I would like to, but I am for sure going to make more of an effort!


So anyways, on with the favorites!

IMG_5982 IMG_5981 IMG_5979 IMG_5977So to start of my favorites, I want to feature my Brown Knee High Boots from My boyfriend got me these for my birthday, this last November. I love these boots soooo much. I get a lot of compliments when I wear these out. The one thing I love the most about these boots is the rustic/causal feel that these boots give off. And I absolutely love the zipper along the back of these boots! It’s been really rainy and cold these last few weeks in SoCal, so these boots are a great fit for the weather! And plus, they go with everything!

IMG_5984 For Christmas, my sister gave me the Perricone MD Intensive Pore Treatment. She always hears me complain about how huge my pores are so this helps minimize pores. Even though I have only been using this for about a week and a half, I have already seen a big change with my skin. I have really oily skin, I think ’cause of my big pores, and since I’ve been using this my skin hasn’t been as oily as it usually is. My oil in my skin has really gone down, which is amazing! Thanks again sis! 🙂

IMG_5987 IMG_5991 IMG_5992 I got this ELF Natural Palette from a close friend last year on my birthday and I recently rediscovered it. Lately, for all of the holiday festivities, I have been reaching for this palette to create smokey eyes and just to add some color to my lids. What I really love about this palette is that it has a great combination of mate and shimmery colors. And even though this is from the ELF line, it still is a great quality palette.

IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996 Since the weather is getting colder and the sun isn’t coming out as much, my skin has been getting a bit lighter. And with that, I reach for a darker contour/ bronzer. This product is from Forever 21, The Love & Beauty line that they have. If you’re not into shimmery bronzers, you’re not going to enjoy this product, but if you are… then yay! This product give a great glow and contour to your face with slight shimmers. I love this!

IMG_5998 IMG_5999I have been loving this Rose Gold Cuff from H&M. You might recognize it from a recent haul that I did. I love pairing this with chunky knits and soft chiffon shirts because it give those pieces a great edginess and roughness that I like in an outfit. When I bought this it cam with another cuff that is a Gun Metal color that I have yet to wear yet, but I will soon! I love how subtle the cuff is, yet it’s makes a great statement piece to a simple outfit.

IMG_6000 IMG_6002 This one is an oldie, but a goodie. I have this ConAir Curling Iron for nearly 6 years now and it’s still good! It gives a great natural curl to my hair. When I still had super long hair… I recently cut it, which I regret, this would give me great waterfall curls. I love this curling iron… I want to get more sizes!

IMG_6003 IMG_6004 I recently picked up this Spiked Gold Head Band from Forever 21,which I’ll include in an upcoming haul. I love this headband so much. I saw it in the near the registers while I was paying and fell in love with it.  It gives a an outfit a nice subtle edge. Also, it’s a nice surprise to your head haha. It serves the purpose of keeping your hair out of your face and gives you a great statement piece on your head.

IMG_6005IMG_6007With the cold weather here, also comes dry skin, especially for me. I love using this Sephora  Face scrubber. It gets all of your dead skin off and makes your face super smooth. And with a super smooth face and helps with your make up to help it make it look more flawless and smother! I love this product because it’s cheap and it works!

IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_6015 I picked up this Khaki Trench Coat in the Summer of 2012 and I wasn’t able to wear it until these last few months and I have been living in it for the month of December. The coat goes down to my lower thigh area and is a great piece for layering of dresses! and also pants, but dresses are more fun. haha. Even though this coat makes me look like a detective, I don’t mind because this coat is a timeless piece!


Well, that was my December Favorites! I hope you enjoyed it! Till next time… See yah!



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