Holiday Outfit Ideas for 2012

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means there are many opportunities of dressing up for a special occasion. I put together 3 outfits that center around 3 different trending item for this holiday season. You can wear these to holiday office parties, church, family and friend gatherings and many more. Of course, these are just suggestions and you can wear whatever you feel, just have fun with it! 🙂

  1. The A-Line Jeweled Toned Skirt

tumblr_mf56wsfhVi1qzk2k3o1_500 A-Line skirts are flattering on every figure in my opinion. The skirt hits you at at the smallest part of your waist and follows the curves of your own body. Jewel tones are also a big trend for this holiday season and gives your outfit a festive feel to it. I paired the skirt with a white collared button down blouse to make it more sophisticated look. Also, I paired this outfit with a pair of heeled booties to keep warm, yet at the same time to look cute! 🙂 Of course you can add black opaque tights to this outfit for more warmth. And to top it off you can add some gold jewelry or wear it with out it.

        2. The Red Blazer

tumblr_mf56yiun5N1qzk2k3o1_500 The Red Blazer has been a huge trend for the past few years and especially for the holiday seasons. The boldness of the red blazer just screams Christmas and Holidays to me because of the festive color. Also, the blazer itself serves as a sophisticated piece to a simple outfit and helps to keep warm. I tried to keep the rest of  this look as simple as possible because of the color of the blazer. I paired the blazer with some black leggings, a black peplum top for some shape and edginess, and a pair of black and brown riding boots. Out of the three looks, this is the most casual and is perfect for gathering with friends and family.

        3. Baroque

tumblr_mf56z3h4sP1qzk2k3o1_500 I think the Baroque pattern is just so damn classy. Just sayin’. I am in love with this pattern… I think it’s because it reminds me of Europe, especially Paris, which I miss. I think this pattern of a dress would be perfect for this holiday season. It is a bold pattern, but at the same its subtle. As long as you don’t wear it with some whacky ass colors, you’ll be good. Just keep it simple with the colors. You’ll still stand out, but not in a bad way. I paired this outfit with some black leggings, JC Litas for height and because I love them, and a chunky white knitted cardigan for warmth.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I hoped it helped!



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