Monthly Favorites: November 2012


I honestly can not believe that November is officially over and it’s already December. Time is going way to quickly for me, but you just got to roll with it.This last month was filled with a lot of celebration and blessings. It was me and my boyfriend’s 8 year anniversary, my 23rd birthday, and my boyfriend’s 23rd birthday as well. I’m kind of sad that November is over, but hopefully December will be a month filled with opportunity and blessings.

So here are my favorites for the month of November! Enjoy! 🙂

IMG_5624IMG_5627IMG_5625IMG_5626My two favorite lipsticks for the past month were Revelon’s Blushing Nude 637 (Left) and L’oreal’s Fairest Nude 800 (Right). Can you sense the nude theme that is happening? I love both of these colors so much! I think that both of these colors are really flattering on a wide variety of skin tones and can work with many complexions. Both are also very moisturizing and don’t dry out your lips, but at the same time they don’t leave you lips extremely shinny or glossy, which I love! I usually wear Blushing Nude if I’m wearing a more neutral outfit. I usually wear Fairest Nude when I have a more loud or brighter outfit, since it’s really nude on my lips.

IMG_5636IMG_5642IMG_5639I recently picked up this Milani Black Liquid Eyeliner from Target after asking my bestie what she thought was a good liner. I haven’t had a black liquid liner like this in a while so I was so excited to try this out. The lasting power of this product is really good and doesn’t smudge much after applying it. The felt tip on this eye liner is really great as well because it’s not too flimsy, but it’s comfortable enough to not irritate your eye. The color is really opaque as well, which is great!

IMG_5649IMG_5651Sorry for my “ratchet” nails… I really hate that word, but whatever haha. Anyways, for my birthday, my bestie gave me a brush set from Kirkland (THANK YOU!!!!!!) and I have been loving the whole set, but these three brushes in particular, I have been loving! These brushes are really dense and heavy which I love because I like having a bit of weight in the brush handels.

IMG_5655This is the Finishing Brush and I mostly use this for my liquid foundation. I first stipple the foundation onto my face and then buff in the product into my skin. This brush helps get the product evenly throughout my face and doesn’t leave streaks on my face. I haven’t washed it yet, but so far there hasn’t been any shedding. 🙂

IMG_5654This is the Powder Brush and I use this for my loose powder that I put over my liquid foundation. This is a great brush for all over your face since it’s so big. The bristles are a bit scratchy, but after a while you get use to them. This brush helps spread the powder evenly throughout my face and doesn’t leave any chunks on my skin.

IMG_5652I think this may be my favorite brush out of the whole bunch. This is the Angled Cheek brush. I use this for my bronzer and contouring of my face. Before I using a brush from ELF and it was just too flimsy and just was not cutting it for me. This brush really makes the contour smooth and “flawless” hahahah. sorry. so silly. but yeah, this is a great brush, because like all of them, its really dense which helps with the application of make up.

IMG_5645IMG_5647I recently picked up Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Nordstrom Rack and was really excited to try it out. I’ve never own anything from Urban Decay ’cause it’s a bit expensive for me, but this was half off! I really like this. It helps keep my eyeliner and eyeshadow from slipping off my eyelids to my cheeks haha. And sometime I use this just by itself because I have extremely oily eyelids and this helps prevent it from get oily.

IMG_5632IMG_5628I absolutely love this nail polish from Revelon.Red Raven 721 is a bit of a blood red color and I think is perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons. I think that red shades like this are flattering on many skin tones and give the illusion of thinner fingers, which is great for me, since my fingers are sausages. 🙂 If you layer this up, the color turns more deep and is so pretty!

IMG_5656 I know previously, I said that I was loving another wave spray, but I went back to my roots and when back to my original love; Garnier Fructis: Wonder Waves. I love this stuff so much. It’s good for rushed mornings when I can’t do my hair and it smell great! 🙂

IMG_5648Yes, acne medication is my favorites for November. So this last month, I was breaking out like crazy all over my face, it literally wasn’t pretty 😦 So I picked up Clearsil’s Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream and works like a charm! If I ever felt a pimple coming or had an existing pimple, I would just dab this on top and the pimple would start going down within a few hours 🙂


IMG_5659 I have been loving this shirt that I picked up recently at a local store. I featured this in a recent haul and I have been in love with it ever since. I always want to wear everytime I go out, but I have to restrain myself haha. I think the stripes are flattering since its vertical and it goes witha lot of outfits!

IMG_5666IMG_5667Since it’s getting pretty cold here SoCal, I have been busting out my scarfs more often. I love this black scarf from H&M! This scarf is so big and its great to wrap around your neck. It retains a lof of heat and helps keep you warm. 🙂

IMG_5660IMG_5661My trusty Anorak from Forever21 has been a favorite for a while. I love wearing this jacket for those chilly nights. I think this is a very causal piece, but it really makes your look complete while wearing this. My favorite thing about this jacket are all of the pockets. This jacket goes with so many things and is flattering to because it cinches in at the waist.


Robyn // Dancing on My Own

Florence + The Machine // Only If For A Night 

Those were my favorites. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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