Birthday & LACMA

On Monday, I celebrated my 23rd Birthday. I kept it very chill this year. I wasn’t surrounded by hounds of friends and what not like last year or the year before that. I just kept it simple this year by celebrating it with my parents, my boyfriend, and my cousin. Net week my boyfriend and I are going to have a joint birthday dinner, since are birthdays are about a week and half away from each other.

As a birthday gift, my boyfriend treated me to LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, and it was so amazing. I have a weird infatuation with museums, I just find them so fun! But some of the art, the contemporary art, was way too deep for me. haha. I just didn’t understand it, but oh well. Everyone has their own interpretations of art.

I hope after this, I can check out the other museums in Los Angeles! 😉

 Stanley Kubrick exhibit. Shit was intense.

posters of his movies.

clockwork orange


the shinning exhibit.


i honestly, did not get this…

my boyfriend and I couldn’t help but giggle.

levitating mass.

my cutie! 🙂

urban lights.

andy warhol.


LACMA was a lot of fun. Thank you Wesley for treating me for my birthday! I love you! 🙂


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