Current Favorites: 3 Fashion Bloggers

So quite recently, I have been obsessed with a few fashion blogs, who also happen to have youtube channels as well. I thought I’d just do a quick run down of my current top 3 and reasons why I am so obsessed with them. Oh by the way, they’re all from the United Kingdom and Ireland. haha. 🙂 Enjoy.

3.  S I have been subscribed to Shirley on youtube for a while now. Shirley is a fashion blogger and Youtube guru from the United Kingdom. What made me subscribed to her was that she was very articulate, she gave great advice and her fashion sense was and is amazing. Her Youtube channel,  , consist of make up tutorials, outfit posts, DIYs, helpful advice, and fun Youtube tags. Along with her Youtube channel, her blog, Meek-N-Mild, is equally amazing. Her blog is filled with amazing content about her recent hauls, outfits, and make up. I love her style a lot because it’s very bold but at the same time it’s very sophisticated without looking trashy. Her outfits are simple but, the prints and colors she uses are very bold and unexpected, but very cute. To her outfits to her accessories, I think she has amazing fashion sense with pairing things together and making it work.

2. Tar Mar Tara is a new blogger on youtube and in the blogging community. She is from Ireland and has a very unique style that is all her own. She recently started her channel about a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. What drew me into watching her channel was her “outfit of the days” and lookbook posts. She has a very bold sense of style, in which she creates outfits that I would never get away with, but she makes it work with her confidence. She has the attitude that of “DGAF” aka “doesn’t give a fuck” about what others think of her and wears what she feels, the attitude that I’m trying to get comfortable with. Her blog, Tar Mar Tales, is also equally amazing. It’s filled with a lot of vibrant colors and prints with her clothes and her dramatic make up looks that she achieves.

1. BeautyCrush Sammi, aka BeautyCrush on Youtube, I think is the God Mother of fashion blogs and fashion and make up Youtube videos because I think she pioneered the way for the other bloggers that I had mentioned. She was one of the first Youtubers that I had started to watch that was from the United Kingdom, or any other country other than the United States. What really captured my attention about her was, of course, her fashion sense and outfit posts, but also her sense of trends and what trends are up and coming. Her videos consist of outfit posts, hauls, make up tutorials, and random “bits & bobs.”  🙂 Her blog, BeautyCrush., also consists of the same content as well. Her outfit post are always amazing and are inspiration for my own outfits as well.

I think all of these girls are big inspiration in my life because they are doing what they love to do and not really caring what people think of it. They all have so much confidence that I am searching for and that I am gaining through my blog. They are all a motivation to keep this blog going. These girls are all equally so beautiful and all have amazing fashion sense. I suggest you go to all of their sites and youtube channels and check them out! I don’t think I would ever make videos on Youtube like them, but I hope that I can keep making blog post on here with good content.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have a good one! 😀


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