3 Reasons Why I Love the Fall & Winter Season

Now that it’s FINALLY feeling like Fall/Winter here in SoCal, I thought that this would be a fun little post to put it. I might even do the “I Love Fall Tag” that’s going around Youtube and just put it out all in text here on my blog, but we’ll see.

Fall and Winter has to be my favorite season of the year and I always get excited whenever it comes around. This year though, it felt like it took FOREVER to get here because the weather was just way too hot once mid October rolled around. But now that the weather has cooled down… like to the low 70’s, mid 60’s, hahaha, I thought this would be an appropriate post.

3 Reasons Why I Love the Fall Season:

1. The Weather: I absolutely love, love, love Fall & Winter weather here in SoCal. My perfect day for weather is where the air is crisp and the sky is clear and blue and that’s usually the case here during November and December. I find the weather just so refreshing and clean! Haha, ’cause for what feels like most of year, the weather here is hot and dry and so having that cool feeling is just so great.

(via: Tumblr, by Amy Lis

2. Fall Fashion: I live for Fall & Winter Fashion. I love the clothes for Fall & Winter so much more than Summer clothing. This reason ties in with the first reason, for sure. Since the weather is changing, so does my wardrobe. I love bundling up and layering up for the weather. I think that Fall & Winter clothes are so cute and sophisticated rather than wearing Summer clothes. My favorite Fall & Winter clothing item are BOOTS. Whether it being ankle booties, knee-high boots, or even thigh-high boots, I live in my boots during the Fall season. Also, I think I look a lot cuter in Fall & Winter clothes rather than Summer clothes. My perfect outfit for Fall & Winter weather would be to wear a cute skater dress, a pair of black opaque tights, my army green anorak, and a pair of knee high boots, and big chunky scarf to top it off. I may not be showing as much skin like in the Summer, but I sure as hell feel a lot sexier in the Fall with my coats and boots… I’m just sayin’.

(via: Polyvore, Fall Outfit 2)

3. Holiday/ Celebration Season!: I mostly love Fall & Winter because of all of the celebrations that happen around this time. Starting in November the first thing I celebrate is my Anniversary with my Boyfriend, Wesley 🙂 This year will be our 8 Year Anniversary and I am so excited for it! I really love him and he is always there to support me through everything. I honestly could not ask for a more loving boyfriend 🙂 After that is my birthday! Woooooo! Turning 23 this year…. dang. It just hit me haha. And then after is my Boyfriend’s birthday who is also turning 23 🙂 And then it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! I love family time and those are the moments that I cherish the most. This season always gets my spirits up and just makes me feel so happy! My favorite thing to do is getting a bunch of friends and family together and just celebrating life and enjoying each others company. It’s simple concept, but its one of the best because it creates memories for life.

 (Via: Tumblr, Christmas in Quebec)

yes, in SoCal it doesn’t snow, but images like this and the cold weather during this season makes me smile!

There are my 3 Reasons for LOVING the Fall & Winter Season. Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Have a great day!


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