Outfit of the Night: Staying Local- 10/19/12

So today was a good night. I went to a local eatery with my boyfriend. We had to stay local because there was a major accident on one of the major freeways near my house. We shared some Nachos and a desert, it was so chill. Later, we headed out to a neighboring city to watch of our band’s play at a local bar in the downtown area of the city. I loved their music. It’s upbeat and fast paced(in a good way) and at the same time, t’s the type of music you can listen to when you you just want to relax. The area that we were in had a real mix of people, because of the bars and clubs that are around. On one side you had all the hipsters and what not and one side you had all of the club goers and in the middle you had both mixed together, and then you had the homeless roaming around asking for change. It was real interesting to see, since I live near by and I rarely ever go to the area.

The bar that my friend’s band played at was a really chill place and it wasn’t too packed at all… aka: my type of place. It’s funny too, because this whole week I’ve been wanting a beer & I finally got mine! Even though it was just one, it really hit the spot. My friend’s band did nearly an hour set and everyone was really into the music, it was a great environment. After, the night ended pretty quickly and my boyfriend and I headed home. Now I am typing this. Haha.

By the way, sorry I had neglected this for the week, I’d been working all week except for Wednesday and that they, I just didn’t feel like thinking and plus, nothing happened.

So, here is my outfit from tonight! Enjoy!

Dress: Navy Skater Dress with White Geometric Shape Design from Cotton On

Outerwear: Light Washed Jean Jacket from H&M

Bag: Front Buckle Bag from the Philippines

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas (LOVE)

Accessories: Rose Gold Fossil Watch, Emerald Green Heart Ring & Multi-Colored Ring from my Lola, Random Silver Band Ring is a random ring I found around the house.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Here’s to a great weekend ๐Ÿ˜€


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