A Chill Day with the Boyfriend

Last night was filled with a long day day of shopping and ended with a movie at a local Drive-In movie theater. For some reason, my boyfriend and I really wanted to go shopping clothes really badly yesterday, so we headed up to the nearest outlet center around us. I was looking specifically for a new purse and some new wedges to wear to job interviews and what not, and my boyfriend was looking for new clothes in general. And of course me being me, I didn’t find a new purse, but on the bright side, my boyfriend found A LOT of clothes haha. All I found were two new cardigans that are more appropriate for potential job interviews and a new skater dress. I went to every store that I liked and searched through all of the racks and nothing, boo. I really want a new purse. For a while I was just using small purses, but now I am so sick of them lol. I want a new bag with compartments and pockets. I find that I lose a lot of my stuff in my smaller purses, it’s weird.

After shopping, we had lunch at Coco’s. I think it was my first time eating there. It’s everything that i expected, so not much. But my boyfriend did win me a prize at one of those Claw games, haha, it’s a little Bulldog stuffed animal. It’s so cute. Actually, I have a whole corner dedicated to all of the stuffed animals that he has won me. lol. Anyways, after that we decided to go to a local Army surplus store and check out what they have on hand. After getting there and realizing that it was only a 25 minute trip, we wondered what else we could do that night, so we opted for a movie and the local drive-in. When I went to look up the movies that were showing last night, I got super excited ’cause Hotel Transylvania was showing. Yes, I know I am nearly 23 years old and this is a kids movie, but whatever, it looked funny! We went to go to Target to pick up some snacks for the movie and have you ever tried Hot Cheeto Puffcorns? Oh my god. So good. Just saying. With that we got some Milk Duds, Whoopers, and some Kool-Aid. OHHH YEAH! haha. I felt like a kid again for sure! So we got to the drive-in and turns out the movie was freaking hilarious, at least that’s what I thought. I was laughing my ass off, I couldn’t help it.

Anyways, yesterday was a lot of fun and completely chill. The only down side was that were so tired by the end of the day. These type of days are the days were I REALLY wished I had my own place so we can just take a cat nap and then carry on with the rest of day without getting super drowsy. But all in all was a great day with my babe. 🙂

By the way, here is a bonus picture of my boyfriend and I from last year at a Thanksgiving gathering. Describes us to a tee! This is one of my favorite pictures of us. It’s so random, but I don’t care!

ok, BYE 🙂


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