CicLAvia 2012

Today my family and I, with Wesley!, went to Downtown LA to enjoy CicLAvia. Basically if you don’t know what CicLAvia is, it’s an event that the city of Los Angeles holds. They shut down some streets in the downtown area and let bikers, walkers, skaters, what have you, ride the streets of LA without any cars, which is nice! Also, its promotes “Angelenos” to rediscover the city, which it really did. When you’re riding through the city, you really appreciate the architecture throughout the city. It’s quite amazing.

The day started off well. Left the house around 8:45 AM and got to downtown around 9:15AM. We saw that the streets were already closed and ready for the riders. My parents and my boyfriend and I decided to head out in our own separate ways. Wesley and I headed out on our own way and explored the different areas that were open to us to ride. We went down to MacArthur Park and down to Exposition Park and USC to Chinatown. Throughout this ride, I realized that LA had some beauty to it, especially the architecture. I’ve never seen LA in this perspective before, it was really nice. The only thing that ruined it were the hords of people who also showed up to the event. If you know me, you know I’m not one for crowds. I hate them, but I need to learn to deal with them. Also, the last time I did a bike event through LA, I crashed… hard, because of a dumbass rider infront of me. And let me tell you, there were plenty dumbass riders today, which made me nervous. But, yay for me, I didn’t crash! Thank the lord! haha. After the ride, my parents met up with me and my boyfriend and ended the day with cheap, but amazing Chinese food in Chinatown.

After today, I have a better appreciation for Los Angeles now.


Picture time. 🙂

Hey, it’s the mayor of Los Angeles (in white & on the bike)

beautiful views of the Los Angeles skyline.

My boyfriend and I at a stop light. Yeah, I’m wearing a helmet, deal with it.

waiting at a stop light.

me near MacArthur Park.

At Exposition Park

He makes me happy 🙂


Fancy Biking! haha! A customized bike with people having a fancy tea party!

Ended with Flash Mob! Oh yeah. haha.

If you want to find out more information on CicLAvia, click here!


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