118 Miles in 1 Day, around Southern California.

Today was spent mostly in the comfort of my own car because of SoCal freeways. I tallied up a grand total of 118 miles going from my house near the edge of LA County, to Orange County, to Downtown LA, and then back to my house, then back to Orange County, and then back to my house again… you know, just a normal day. It’s a little ridiculous how huge SoCal really is. I wish public transportation was a lot more efficient in these areas… life would be so much more easier. haha.

The afternoon started off going to pick up my cousin, who I love spending time with, in Orange County and then heading off to Union Station in Downtown LA to catch the Red Line to head over to my internship in Korea Town. I had to stop by to get some things for an upcoming Health Fair that I am attending. Anywho, I have a love/hate relationship with the tiny freeways that are sprawled around LA county. I love them because they’re really cool to look at and they feel so vintage, but I hate them because everyone’s car is too huge to fit in their tiny ass lanes, which make me feel like I am going to get run over. The traffic wasn’t too bad, which I was very thankful for. Actually for the whole day, I barely hit any traffic considering how much time I spent on the freeways today.

We got to Union Station without incident, but of course while we were sippin’ on our Frappuccinos from Starbucks, a crazy crack head was yelling at some woman and screaming about how the other woman kidnapped her baby, and how ugly she was, and what not. Yeah, I had no idea what the hell happened. I just knew that the woman be screamed at had nothing to do with the crack head. But that was entertaining for a little while. After that, we caught the Red Line and headed over towards K-Town. It was my cousin’s first time riding the subways in Downtown, so I was glad to have shared that moment with her. We got to my internship pretty quickly and went in and out of the office pretty quickly as well. When we got out of my internship’s office, I ended up with two bins full of stuff and information and a cart to pull them in. It was a bit difficult with the escalators and stuff, but it wasn’t bad on the subway.

After LA we jetted off back to my house to rest up and what not. We had a quick late lunch at my place and ended up just chatting and watching Friends on TV. Later on in the day, we headed off back to Orange County to drop off my cousin back at her place. No matter how many miles I spent on my ass driving today, it was worth it cause I got to spend some quality time with my cousin. I love spending time with that girl and it’s always great to catch up with her.


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