To Them Lazy Nights

Last night was suppose to be a quick trip to Ikea and a quick dinner with the boyfriend. And it ended up being a quick trip to Ikea, a quick dinner, a quick snack, and a long kick back at a friends house.

I wanted to pop into Ikea to pick up a few things for my room and have a quick look around at the showrooms that they have. I always love looking at them for inspiration and fun ideas for my room. Also, their meatballs and mashed potatoes are amazing haha. After that we ended up going to a local Tea station to have some Milk Tea and a quick snack. While having our little treats my boyfriend got a text from one of our old high school friends asking us to come over to a local sushi bar and to have a drink with them. After we had finished our snack, we headed over to the Sushi Bar to catch up with our old friends. When we got their we realized that the place was going to close in about 30 minutes. After our friends finished up their meals, we decided to have a relaxed kick back at our good friends house. We shared some good laughs last night, exchanging jokes and stories. It’s spontaneous nights like last night that make life fun and enjoyable.


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