My Lipstick Collection / Mini Review

Hello all! So here is a quick post of my lipstick collection and a quick review on each of them.

Yes, it may not be much and they may not be high-end brands… but I can’t afford that shit! 🙂 And plus, I’d rather spend my money on something else. hehe. I’m trying to get more into lipsticks, but as you can see, I’m mostly sticking to neutrals. I’ll go from my least favorite to my favorite. So here we go! Enjoy!

NYC Color Lipsticks in RETRO RED (left) & SHEER RED (right)

These are my least favorite, mostly because of the fact that they are sooooo cheaply made. Don’t get me wrong, the color pay off is really great because they are both very pigmented, but the packaging is just terrible. If you can’t tell from the pictures above, the color gets everywhere because the lipsticks don’t go all the way down, which a major negative in my book. And also, SHEER RED is starting to tilt a bit and is hitting the inside of the cap, which is a No-No to me. They were cheap, so you are gonna get what you paid for, so I wasn’t expecting that much from these lipsticks.

Pros: Good Pigmentation. Cons: Terrible Packaging.


I know a lot of people like these, like Beauty Guru ItsJudyTime, who got me into these lipsticks, but for me, 2 out of 3 of these colors are not flattering on me. Also, I find that these lipsticks are quite drying on my lips. After wearing these lipsticks for about 2 hours, it left my lips dried and cracked and I looked crazy. The only color that I do wear most often is 902C Bare it All.  I find that this color is a very nice and natural color since it’s the closest to my lip color, but it is still drying, but not as much as the other ones.

Pros: 902C is very flattering on Tan Skin tones (MAC NC40) Cons: Very Drying.

NYX LIP SMACKING FUN COLORS in LSS 631 GEM (middle), LSS 543 HEBE (middle), LSS 634 LOUISIANA (right)

I won these lipsticks through a contest from the Beauty Guru Saaammage. I was really excited because I had always wanted to try NYX lipsticks because I heard good things about them. I have a bit of mixed emotions about them though, mostly my personal preferences. The packaging is amazing on these, maybe the best out of all the lipsticks I have. When you raise and lower the lipsticks, it’s very smooth. Also, the lipsticks itself are very moisturizing and the colors are very pigmented as well. But the one thing I don’t like about them, and the reason why I don’t really wear these out, is because the lipsticks have a bit of a Gold Flex to them. For me, I don’t really like that and I don’t find it that flattering on myself. If it weren’t for the gold sheen in these lipsticks, I would totally wear these out more often.

Pros: Great Packaging, probably the best I own. Cons: The Gold Flex in them. 😦


Dun, dun, dun! *Que the dramatic music* Yes, this Lip Butter is not in my top 3!  Even though, 90% of the Beauty World praise this thing! Yes, its technically not a lipstick, but I’m including it anyways. I really want to love this, but I just can’t! haha. The idea of Lip Butters are great: a good tint of color while still moisturizing your lips. After seeing numerous reviews of this on Youtube, I decided to pick this up. Mind you, I had high expectations for this thing. The packaging is nice and sleek for the price, but the color for me was not good at all. I think I might have to try another color. Any suggestions? Anyways, this color makes my lips look way too frosty, which I am not a fan of. Also, the color sort of leaves my lips a bit patchy, but I find that if I put on one swipe on my lips and then dab it right after with a napkin, the color is ok and I’ll wear it out like that. I want to love this, you have no idea, but I just can’t 😦

Pros: Packaging is sleek for the price. Cons: Gives me frosty lips… NO.


Yes, a Forever 21 Lipstick is in this list. I really do like this lipstick. The color is really pigmented for the price, which was really cheap, and also, the color is flattering against my skin tone. But because of the price, the packaging is a bit cheap, the lipstick rubs against the tubing a little which makes it a little messy.

Pros: Color pay is really good for it’s price. Cons: Lipstick rubs against the tube.


This lipstick is a very subtle deep red shade, which I appreciate. The color isn’t too dark and too heavy, it’s light with the right amount of coverage. I love the color of the packaging of this product, but this is the smallest of my lipsticks. I got this lipstick from my sister and she got it as a gift. I think it came as part of a kit, so that might explain the small size of it, but it’s good for travel 🙂 The one downside to this lipstick is the Glitteriness to it. It isn’t really that noticeable, but I just wish it didn’t have it.

Pros: Coverage is just perfect. Cons: Glitteriness to it.

ELF $1 LIPSTICK in Voodoo

I love this lipstick! The color pay off on this lipstick is amazing for the price! The color is a nice flattering deep red tone on my skin tone. It’s the perfect red tone for a someone who is a MAC NC40 shade, more or less. The lipstick is really moisturizing and does not dry up your lips. The one downside is the packaging… yes, again with the packaging. I’m sorry, actually not really. Since you are paying $1 for this lipstick, it’s no surprise that packaging isn’t that great. When you move the lipstick up down, it sort of sticks and isn’t smooth. Other than that, it’s a great lipstick.

Pros: Price & Pigmentation. Cons: Cheap packaging.


This is one of my favorite lipsticks. I think this lipstick is perfect for Fall and Winter because of it’s deep burgundy  color. With this color you have to be careful because it can bleed on your lips. In my opinion, you can’t wear this color everyday, I tend to save this for special occasions. The lipstick is very moisturizing and long lasting. Also the color is very pigmented and the packaging is very nice. Also, I love the smell! haha, I know that’s a bit weird, but I mean it is going to be sitting under your nose for awhile.

Pros: Great Color for Fall & Winter, Pigmented, and Long Lasting. Cons: It’s a dramatic color and you can’t really wear it for everyday.

L’OREAL COLOUR RICHE in 800 Fairest Nude 

Yes, the infamous Fairest Nude is my number one lipstick! haha, recommended by many Beauty Gurus on Youtube, this lipstick did not disappoint. This lipstick is the perfect nude color for many different skin tones. The packaging is very nice and feels high end. The lipstick is very smooth and very moisturizing. The color is very pigmented and doesn’t frost up your lips like other nude shades do. The one downside to this is the smell. Some people may love it, but for me, I don’t haha. The lipstick smells like the old school, old lady lipsticks from back in the day. Even though I don’t like the smell, I can stand it and usually goes away within a few minutes.

Pros: Great Natural Nude color, High End Feeling, Pigmented. Cons: THE SMELLLLLL.

So here you go! Here is my Lipstick Collection and Reviews for each of them. Hope you liked it.


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