A Day of Ups & Downs

Yesterday was definitely filled with a lot of UPS and one major DOWN.

Wesley and I decided to have a day in at his house. I brought over some Fun Fetti cake mix because I thought it’d be fun to cook for my honey 🙂 We decided to cook a whole lunch meal as well. Wesley made home made fried chicken and I made a cucumber salad, and the cake! It was all sooooo yummy! I wish we could do this more often, but we usually don’t have our houses to ourselves.

hehe, it was all so yummy! and I had no idea that Wesley could cook so well, but then again, I’m not that surprised.

Later on in the day I decided to check my email. Within the last week, one my Mom’s friends was contacting me about a job up in the bay area. And everything seem like it was going well because my Mom’s friend’s boss wanted to interview the next week. So today, I decided to check my email to see if there were any update. I see that there is an email from her and I got really excited! I got to reading the email and it stated that they had decided to go with another LOCAL candidate. I was very upset. I started to actually weep. I was just let down because even though it was a for sure thing that I was going to get the position, it just that she made it seem like I was one of the front runners for the position. Also, what upset me was that they didn’t even interview me, which I thought was unfair. After I read the email I just broke down into tears while my boyfriend tried to console me. It was a real breaking point for me because I have been steadily putting in job applications since mid June of 2012. I haven’t really heard anything back from anyone, except that I am NOT QUALIFIED and that WE’VE DECIDED TO GO WITH ANOTHER QUALIFIED CANDIDATE. It really tears your self esteem down when you always see that infront of your face. And since my self esteem is already below the ground, it makes me feel even worse. I feel so useless to society because apparently I’m not qualified to do anything even though I have a good amount of experience, especially with customer service, and I have a Bachelor’s degree. Life can be bullshit sometimes, but you just have to keep on going. It’s just tough for me to have a positive outlook on this job hunt, but I am determined to get out of my dead end sales associate job and hopefully be a young professional in the health field soon. 

After that whole incident, I decided to go home and just decompress. Once my parents came home from work, I told them what happened with the potential job in the bay area. They were really upset as well, not with me, but with the woman. haha, which was fine with me. We decided to go out for dinner in the Montclair/Claremont area at Elephant Bar. Got my Blue Moon of course, I think I needed it badly. haha. After dinner, we decided to go to Old Town Claremont or is it Downtown, I forget. We walked around the local shops and enjoyed the live music that was scattered throughout the shops. It was relaxing and it took my mind off of what had happened earlier.

so cute!

Well, that was my day. Defiantly was filled with a wide range of emotions. Hopefully my job search will be more successful. Hoping and praying.


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