Frugal Window Shopper.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a very frugal shopper and I am always proud of the deals that I find on cute clothes. My sister finds it very annoying, since I always tell her the price of all of my things, but whateves.

One of my favorite places to shop online is Forever 21. H&M would be a close second but, first of all, I don’t think they have free shipping over $50 and, second, I like shopping at H&M in person rather than Forever 21 because H&M’s merchandise changes every week (at least I feel like it does). The problem with shopping at Forever 21 in person is that stores, now-a-days, are so ridiculously huge that it just so over whelming once you step into the store. I think they have way too much merchandise in their stores and it’s not organized that well. Where as in H&M, they have a better layout to their stores and it has a much better flow than Forever 21. Regardless though, I love both stores. But because of reasons previously listed, I like to online shop or window shop at Forever 21.

Yes, their clothes, more the than half of the time, are made with cheap materials and can break within a few washes and wears, but oh well, you get for what you pay for. And that’s why I don’t like to spend the big bucks at Forever 21. I usually look for the good deals. From my past experience of shopping there, I haven’t had that much of an issue with the quality of their clothes, so I guess I have been lucky.

Lately, I ‘ve been stalking the Forever 21 website and trying to decide if I should buy some stuff… Here’s my wish list! 🙂 Links will be provided with the pictures.

Flounced Leopard Print Dress

Semi-Sheer Cutout Dress

Sheer Scarf Print Shirt

Semi-Sheer Lace Bustier

Tribal Spiked Bracelet 

Studded Wrap Bracelet

These are just a few of them. I’m still deciding if I want to actually purchase any of it. And with that, I’ll end this in one of my favorite songs. Enjoy. I think the song fits in well with this post and also, it’s hot in LA and this song makes me think of Winter 😉


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