Stomach Flu

Hi there, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. these past few days on this blog. Last weekend my boyfriend and I got, as it’s stated above, the stomach flu and the past couple of days we”ve been trying to get our strength and our appetite back.

It’s funny ’cause we both started to get sick around the same time. He got sick Friday night and I started to get sick on Saturday morning. We both got the same symptoms: stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, etc. And to top it off we were both very dehydrated. On Saturday we were both so weak, it was very sad. Even though we didn’t see each other the whole weekend, we kept in touch with each via text; updating with our symptoms and how we were feeling. We both barely ate that Saturday, and if we did we got nauseas quickly and/or threw up. Sunday we both started to feel a bit better but we still didn’t have our appetite back. I had the strength to take a shower and that was about it. I spent the whole weekend on the couch just watching TV, drinking water and gatorade, and eating small pieces of bread. These past two days, Monday and Tuesday, have been a lot better. I still don’t have my appetite back 100% and I’m still trying to take it easy with food. My boyfriend, Wesley, is doing a lot better than I am though. Even though his appetite is back 100% either, he’s still able to take in more food than I am and he has more strength than I do. But slowly, we are getting better. 🙂

This whole experience has been interesting. We still don’t know what made us sick, but we did eat out a lot last week, so it could be a number of places. Since Saturday morning, I’ve lost about 5lbs from not eating, which is great!!!!! but, sadly, I’m probably going to gain all that weight back soon. I just hated how I felt while I was sick and so did my boyfriend. We just felt so weak and helpless and useless, which is probably the worst feelings ever. I hope this never happens again. It kind of scared both us to eat again, but we are getting our appetite back. So hopefully, by this weekend we’ll both be feeling back to our normal selves again.


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