Fall Trends 2012

Hello all, so as you know I’m still new to this blog and so from post to post, they may be a bit random, but you know I don’t care. 🙂 This blog is about my life and my interest, so I’ll blog about what I want to blog about.

So as you may have seen from the title, this post is going to be about Fall Trends and the trends I am most excited for. If you’re from the LA area like I am, you know that the weather right now is too ridiculously hot and seems like fall weather is never going to get here, but if you’re like me, you’re anticipating fall weather with a passion. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Fall Trends:

1. Maroon / Burgundy-These colors have been a favorite of mine since, probably, last spring. I think that these colors are more fitting for colder weather since it gives a feeling of warmth, but I usually wear it year round, like right now! (in the form of lace shorts from Kohl’s) I think one of the best ways to wear these colors are in the form of pants. The color  sort of pulls the outfit together and adds a bit of sophistication to an outfit, even if it’s a simple one.  My favorite combo with this color is adding a simple plain black shirt on top of the color and adding a some gold accessories.

2. Denim– I think that Denim is such a classic material and can create a classic look whenever someone wears it. If you look back on fashion history, you’ll see that denim never goes out of style. Yes, the way the denim is cut or styled, or colored/distressed may go out of style but, the material of denim  itself never goes out of style. My favorite way of way denim is wearing denim on denim, but never the same shade of denim together (that’s just my personal preference). For example, I love wearing a blue denim top or light blue denim jacket with black denim jeans and then something neutral as a shirt. Also, I think denim is a great piece for the fall because it’s just thick enough were you don’t have to layer too much to the point where your bulky from layering, but it’ll still keep you warm. Especially here in LA, it doesn’t get that cold here so denim is a perfect piece for Fall weather in LA.

3. Cheetah Print– Everybody has their most favorite print ever and mine happens to be Cheetah Print. I think that this print can be so versatile and can be worn both casually and in a formal sense, easily. This may not be particularly  a Fall Trend, but I think it’s a trend for all seasons and a trend that everyone should try.  For me, I wear the pattern either as the center piece, such as a dress, or as an accent to a simple outfit, such as shoes or as an accessory. Wearing this print twice within an outfit can be over-whelming and unflattering on most people. I think that this pattern can be treated as a neutral, if used sparingly. For example, my favorite way of showcasing this print is by wearing my leopard print loafers with my bright coral trousers from H&M with a neutral colored top. Some may think that wearing leopard print shoes with a bright colored trouser may be too much, like my mother, but I don’t think so. I think that the print on the shoes are so understated that it actually calms down the brightness of the pants. (That’s just my opinion) If worn in a tasteful way, I think that Cheetah Print can be a timeless print.

4. Over the Knee Boots- For me, these are a staple for Fall Weather. I think Knee or Thigh High Boots add a touch of sexiness to any outfit and also a touch of sophistication to an outfit as well. These boots are great for Fall weather because they 1, keep you warm while walking around, and 2, they just look really good on women. Some people may think that Over the Knee Boots can be very unflattering on themselves and shy away from this trend. You just have to find the right height of boot for you. For me, I wear over the knee boots because I think it hits me at a good spot near my thigh and they aren’t tight on my thigh which is also a plus. My ideal outfit for Over the Knee Boots is a cute skater dress paired with black leggings and chunky cardigan paired over the whole outfit. It’s cute, comfortable, and perfect for breezy fall weather. 

5. Chunky Knits- Big slouchy sweater are perfect for those lazy days where don’t really feel like dressing up, but you still want to look put together. Wearing chunky knits, either as a cardigan or as a sweater, is also a great way to stay warm without really layering too much and without getting bulky while trying to stay warm. The way I would style a chunky knit would to wear it as a hoodless sweater with a pair of leggings and some combat boots paired with a big scarf. Of course, while wearing leggings, the sweater has to cover my Hoo-Ha area, ’cause no one likes a camel toe! 🙂 Chunky knits are so cozy and comfortable and perfect for a light fall breeze.

I hope you all enjoyed my first fashion blog post, hopefully, I can make this a common topic to cover. Of course, these are just my opinions of how I would go about Fall Trends and Fall Fashion. Always remember, fashion is suppose to be fun and free, so experiment with colors, prints, and styles… it’s your life anyways! Have fun! 🙂

(Pictures via: polyvore.com)


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