Democratic National Convention 2012: President Obama’s Speech

I wasn’t able to catch President Obama’s speech tonight, but I was able to watch on Youtube and after tonight I am 100% sure he has my vote.

Throughout his Presidency he has had many triumphs including the re-boost of the of the American Auto Industry to the end of the Iraq war, Healthcare Reform to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act. Along  with his triumphs, he has also had some set back that he addressed in his speech. One thing that I appreciated in President Obama’s speech tonight was that he was honest and said that the road to success isn’t going to be quick and easy, but it’s a process and that it takes time.

I thought his speech addressed the issues of America thoroughly and careful and at a level where many people could understand what he was talking about. And even though President Obama spoke about many serious issues with the United States, his speech was also filled with humor at just the right moments. His speech 4 years ago was all about CHANGE, this year his speech was all about moving FORWARD, and I thought that this set the right tone for the convention because it’s true. Yes, he may have not have been able to accomplish everything that he’d promise in just 4 years, what President has? What he has done is move the country FORWARD with more job opportunities for the middle class, access to better health care, end the war in Iraq, and many more accomplishments. But what I really appreciated about his speech was that  represented the middle class very well and very articulately. He showed that he really valued the middle class and is really helping expanding the needs and opportunities for, not only, the middle class, but the lower class as well.

I think President Obama is a great President and that he is making progress to making this country great again. My vote will definitely be going to President Obama this year because this vote isn’t only for me, but for my future children and my future family because I know that if he is President, his decision making in the present will forever impact the future of my family. With those decisions, I know it will help my family succeed in school, their jobs, and life. I think that if he continues to be President and wins this Election this year, this country, without a doubt, will be great once more.

OBAMA 2012


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