Hopefully dreams can become a reality.

One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world and to share my adventures with everyone. I love to travel and I always encourage everyone to explore the world. And whenever I see someone traveling, even to local places, I get… “travel-envy.”

Ever since I was a little child, my family had always been traveling somewhere. At least once a year we would go on vacation either by plane or going on a road trip. The first place I visited, globally, was the Philippines, the birth place of my parents and the home of my heritage. I don’t remember much, besides almost getting pooed on by a caribou, then again, I was only three years old. Since then, I have been to so many places from New York City to Scotland, Honolulu to Montreal, and more recently to Paris with my sister. I am complete grateful to my parents for opening my eyes to exploring the world. My love of traveling comes from them, without a doubt.

My favorite cities that I have visited are Vancouver, Paris, and Barcelona. Coincidently, those are the three recent major trips I had taken with my family. Vancouver was such a laid back city with its clean streets, open spaces, and it’s love of nature.

Paris, my most recent trip, was such an amazing city. The one thing I love about this is that people are out late (not necessarily clubbing and partying, but out having dinner or cafe, just hanging out) and where ever you look in the city there are no “eye-sores.” The one thing I loved about my Paris trip was that my sister and I didn’t really do a lot of the touristy things because my sister’s friend showed us around most of the time and made us feel like locals. Also, every night I had a drink and nobody judged me, which was amazing.

Barcelona, I visited in 2009 with my family. The culture there is so rich and oozing out of every inch of the city. The wide streets and open walk ways make the city so inviting and welcoming.

I just hope in the near future I can go traveling again and I can share my adventures with everyone. I think that exploring the world helps give people more perspective on life and appreciation to other cultures.


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